Erosscia Bodysafe


Pleasure Reimagined

Pillow biting intimate ecstasy

Erosscia turns your rechargeable toothbrush into a luxury vibrator

x3 stronger

for toe curling orgasms

Paradigm-shifting luxury sex toy intimate pleasure, matches your passion with vibrations 3x the intensity of typical vibrators (with your Sonicare®), You'll achieve intense, blisful carefree sensations.

Attaches to your
rechargeabled toothbrush

No cords, no forgetting another charger. By using your rechargeable toothbrush motor you are eco friendly & reducing your footprint. Lithium & cobalt are finite, their extraction & disposal leads to environmental consequences. Using your underutilized toothbrush battery is better for the environment.

Sculpted. simple.
body safe.

Constructed to medical grade FDA standards as a device for obstretrical & gynecolegical therapeutic use.
Safe for contact with mucous membranes. Non-porous, can be sterilized or sanitized.

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Elegant Discrete Elegant Discrete


& Airport Security Embarrassment Proof

Innovative refined simple noll-phallic desing eliminates embarrassment at airport inspections, or at home with kids or parents around.

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Erosscia in cosmopolitan
Erosscia in allure

Discover profound satisfaction. Erosccia.

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