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Vibrations 3x stronger

Erosscia was developed and brought to the market as the most groundbreaking personal pleasure device in two generations. From many experiments that created more mess all than product, Soixante9 Development Group Inc was launched bringing creative, fun, innovative toys using medical-grade, health - conscious materials exceeding the standards you demand for your body.

This amazing toy offers orgasmic sensations with none of the hassles. Erosscia eliminates the embarrassment of having your sex toys displayed in your luggage by airport security or accidentally on the nighstand. Erosscia eliminates the frustration of having batteries run out mid-climax and those that feel too industrial or too cheap. Erosscia address all the hassles-discretion, quality and elegance without costing hundreds.

From concept to design and execution, the ultimate goal - guided and confirmed by intimate focus groups - was to ensure products that go far beyond consumer expectations. The result is an unprecedented product that brings toe-curling orgasmic pleasure.

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