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3 Ways to Put Sexy into your Labor Day Car Trip

Labor Day 2021 is like the rest of this year – a little mixed up 🙃 If you are lucky or brave enough 😊 to be taking the skies for Labor Day fun, then check out our blog on Jetlag & Orgasms.  

Yet if you are like most of us, chances you are getting into your car this Labor Day.  Whether it’s BBQs with friends, Poolside Parties or Picnics in your favorite spot, you are probably getting there by car.  

While you should keep your eyes on the road, at Erosscia we are always looking for playful opportunities, and we’ve discovered some creative ways to add some orgasmic highlights to your car time.  

This Labor Day it’s not just the sparklers that can go off! 


Masturbate on Road Trips 


However far you are driving this long weekend, by yourself or with another, you can literally stroke away the miles.

Road Trips can be boring and tiring, so masturbating yourself while your partner watches or enjoying helping your partner climax, can liven up any drive.  

Just remember to be safe when setting that cruise control and pull over if you need to.  There is something hot about a trucker honking when they pass you. 😈  

Of course, if that isn’t your idea of fun, just drivin the right-hand lane so Truckers can’t see. Obviously, if you don’t think you can keep one hand on the wheel and the other on yourself then pull over somewhere safe.  

If you are not alone, then another hot tip is to take the backseat and let your partner hear you moan.

Alone, or with your partner, don’t forget to bring your electric toothbrush and its sexy head! Erosscia‘s powerful vibrations will definitely give your ride another tone!    



Drive in events 


Drive-ins have become the new norm for live performances.

Given our social distancing guidelines, drive-in concerts are popping up everywhere now that large gatherings are restricted in many parts of the world.  

Couples have been enjoying more than just making out at drive-ins since 1943 and it’s an easily achievable sexual fantasy.   

Plan ahead by choosing events that are not kid-friendly, park where the light from the screen or stage will be darkest and wear fun accessible clothing. Drop a pump bottle of lube into the glove compartment and a blanket if you want extra privacy.   Slip into the backseat or drop the seats down and enjoy the extra space.  If you want more privacy put up those collapsible sunshades.  


Sex in Your Car 


There is so much to grab onto in a car for leverage into some really hot positions for great car sex.  

Choose an isolated spot, keep the windows and sunroof open if it’s a cool Labor long weekend evening and why not use the sunroof for a creative sex position?  

Seat belts offer an opportunity to buckle yourself or your partner up in a whole new way if you like a little light bondage in your sexy.

Wear clothes that are easy to take off and put back on in cramped conditions such as the backseat and don’t forget to pop some lube, a condom and few small toys into the glove box.

Why not test drive Allore or Ceola from Erosscia?  

Because Erosscia attaches to your electric toothbrush handle, your travel bag with your toothbrush just needs one more addition to make it a sexy escape.    

While sex in the car can be exciting, we want to remind you that physical safety is of paramount importance.  Park if you can’t focus on the road, yet park somewhere where you won’t roll off a cliff or get clipped by other vehicles.

We would be remiss if we didn’t point out that most places in the world prohibit public displays of indecency.  While flaunting the law can make it even steamier, please be aware of local laws to avoid embarrassment or worse 

Try a few of our tips to make your Labor Day drive less of a labor and more about love 😈 


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