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Fun Sex Facts for the Holidays | Erosscia

31 Fun Facts About Sex During the Holidays Pt. 2

Although the weather may or may not be frightful, your sex life doesn’t ever need to be. With all of the holiday gift-shopping, cookie-baking, and family-gathering going on, we couldn’t blame you for needing a distraction. Did you read Pt. 1 of our series? We found some naughty tendencies in searches and without further ado here are the most popular ones…

16. These are the most popular Christmas-related searches. 

The top five include “Santa,” “Christmas present,” “Xmas,” “Santa Claus” and “Christmas orgy.” Searches vary by gender. Women’s top 3 are “old Santa Claus,” “Santa Clause” and “Christmas sex,” while men get a little more graphic with “Christmas POV,” “Christmas blowjob” and “Christmas MILF.”

Sounds like everyone is craving a mature sex partner with their milk and cookies. 

17. There are intimacy benefits to watching Christmas movies. 

72.6% of people find watching a romantic movie together sexually appealing. Cuddling brings that number up to 87.8%. Let us know your results of combining “The Holiday” and “Die Hard” for your romantic night in. 

18. The Eight Rules for Chanukkah Sex include… 

…using your menorah for mood lighting, having sex before your hands get oily making latkes, and maybe even introducing a little “strip spin the dreidel.”   

19. Speaking of which, let’s bring back to light the forgotten story of Judith. 

That is, if you believe the tale of this early women’s right’s activist. Jewish lore has it that Judith, a member of the Maccabees, managed to behead a lascivious king who thought it his right to have sex with married women. This story excludes her from our lust lists, personally, but for the best reason. 

20. These people are most comfortable having sex in their holiday host’s home.  

51% of international travelers and 50% of parents with kids under 18 didn’t mind a little hanky panky in the guest room. One thing’s for sure, change of pace tends to be a huge turn-on. 

21. If you’re game, here are popular ways to get it on even in your own house.

A study of sexual behavior preferences among 2,000+ 18-91-year old’s in the United States revealed that 77.4% find having sex in a room other than the bedroom appealing. And why not? There are so many choices, after all. Laundry room, anyone?

22. More people getting it on does not come without awkward stories.  

Keep the person who saw their mother giving their father a special gift by the Christmas tree in your thoughts this holiday, everyone. 

23. There’s another excuse for brushing up on classics.

People having sex in colder months crave cozy positions with bodies closer together and generating more heat, like missionary with a pelvic lift and variations on spooning. Sex coach Amy Levine theorizes this may be because “People may be more self-conscious about their bodies and want positions that are less physically exposed or less vulnerable.”

24. Not everyone gets it on equally, though. 

A lack of attention by lovers may be causing tension around the U.S., where Northeasterners say their partners are better lovers during winter holidays. Southeasterners have some sexy studying to do, since they ranked the lowest. 

25. If you want to upgrade your sex skills, check this out. 

Bustle has compiled a great list of holiday sex hacks for when you’re home during the holidays. We love them all too much to pick! 

26. In Ancient Rome, the Saturnalia festival was a mighty orgy of booze, sex, and… 

…general “debauchery.” Saturnalia began as a festival to honor the agricultural god Saturn but turned into a revelry where each household elected a King of Misrule and people wore masks and marched with large penis effigies. During the celebration, societal rules were overturned: Masters served slaves and servants were allowed to insult their masters. Sounds like it could be a good time to experiment with BDSM-play, no?  (Always get explicit consent before any sexual play and respect each other’s boundaries.) 

27. Saturnalia might give us a clue to the origins of kissing under the mistletoe. 

This tradition may have originated with “the horny pagans and druids of old.” Pagans may have thought of mistletoe, with its white berries, as either “drops of the divine semen” or the genitalia of the God Zeus. Meanwhile, red holly berries stood in for the “Sacred Menstrual Blood of the Goddess.” Since pagan celebrations were gradually replaced by Christmas, the mistletoe tradition was grandfathered in. 

28. That’s not the only myth about mistletoe. 

Mistletoe may once have also been an ancient aphrodisiac for livestock. According to NPR, Celtic druids mixed mistletoe into a fertility cocktail of sorts for animals. When hung over doorways, it was seen to ward off evil and bring good luck. Anyway… we’ll be over here consuming more traditional aphrodisiacs like dark chocolate and wine. 

29. More people than you’d expect define infidelity differently during holiday times. 

According to a YouGov survey, 12% of men and 10% of women say it’s a-okay to kiss someone other than your significant other under mistletoe, but not in any other situation. However, the older you are, the more likely you are to see it as cheating. 

Ashley Madison found that during the workplace “posada” (Christmas-themed party) in Mexico, Mexicans tend to cheat on their partners significantly more: 37% said they were attracted to a colleague and were hoping to be able to “take it to the next level” at the party. 

30. Not feeling the spirit? Holiday cheer is not required.  

The holidays can be a tough time for relationships, both romantic and family. It’s 100% okay to feel grumpy when your aunt asks about your love life for the umpteenth time today, but when tensions are high, it may be better to distract yourself in a healthy way and wait until after the new year to address these problems.  

31. Here’s our suggestion: If you’re feeling low, get playful with a sex toy. 

Solo, coupled up or swingin’, you’re more likely to play with sex toys in wintertime. That’s one of the best ways to get warm, after all! Is it any wonder that 47% of us are more likely to use them now than any other time of year? 


If you’re looking to add sugar, spice, and everything nice to more than your hot chocolate this winter, why not welcome Allore,  Ceola or Okamei into your celebratory sex life? All vibrators attach to your electric toothbrush. There’s no other sex toy this discreet that still makes you see 3x the firecrackers. 


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Subscribing to our newsletter not only gives you a chance to win, but also ensures you're always in the know about our latest blogs & promotions.