5 Great Ways to Turn Up the Spice in September

Wherever you are in the world, September is a month of transition.  Summer to Winter in the North and Winter to Summer in the South.  

No matter where you are there is so much to love this time of year

Whether you are dodging falling leavescyclones or hurricanes, there is no better reason to escape under the covers and experience some pleasure 

At Erosscia we asked our global customers to tell us what romantic dates led them to some of their best #falllove, to come up with our top 5 dates to have your excitement match that of the month of September!


#5 In the North, go see some Fall color together 


In Japan the beauty of the fall color is known as Kouyou’ (紅葉) and couples head to the mountains for a romantic picnic or enjoy a leisurely drive in the countryside to see trees bursting with fall colors.  

Take plenty of blankets so you have lots of options for some cozy fun under the covers while stunning leaves fall all over you!  For more creative ideas on how to have some sexy fun outdoors (safely) check out our earlier blog post about end of summer sexy must-do’s. 


#4 Romantic Walks through the city  


September in India, known as Sharad Ritu, means grabbing a romantic window after the rainy season.  Erosscia heard that the favorite date for any couple during Sharad Ritu is a walk through urban India like you were a tourist.  Go to the tourist attractions that you never visit — it’s a quieter time with fewer lines and more time to spend with each other.

From Mobor beach to the urban highlights of Delhi, you’ll enjoy the change of season and a chance to get out without the storms and lower humidity, before stopping off for some spicy hot chai or joining friends for dinner.

This inspiration is so achievable for any of us, who wouldn’t enjoy getting intimate over a hot cup of (spiked) apple cider or chai after a relaxing walk


#3 Light any night with Lanterns 


Fall in Korea feels so fresh, with clear blue skies and harvest time – with many traditional ceremonies to celebrate the season

Erosscia customers told us about the floating lantern lighting displays where couples in love float “wish” lanterns downstream during the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival.  

Other Erosscia couples in Asia float their lanterns into the sky as a symbol of sun, light and warmth After floating your own lanterns in your own nearest body of water, be it a lake, ocean or river, why not release your dreams into the night sky this Fall with your special someone and light up any September night in bed afterward for your own orgasmic release. 


#2 Apple Picking 


Harvesting Apples in September is as American as it gets, and there are some stunning apple orchards that open their gates to the public offering relaxing strolls through the trees to pick bushels of apples at their leisure.  

Check your local options for romantic trip into Apple Country and find some remote hay bales to create some loving memories and it won’t be only the sun going down.  

Pack your sweaters and take a blanket so you don’t get hay poking you in places it shouldn’t!  Wear comfortable and accessible clothing for the ultimate sunset orgasm.   


#1 Wine tasting  


We had so much fun in the Erosscia office reading all your vineyard dating stories!

With a little research you may be surprised that you are closer to a vineyard than you might have thought.  

September can be the start of harvest in the North or the release of new vintages in the south.  

Whether it’s South Africa, AustraliaItaly, or Californiapack a special picnic or enjoy the food at the vineyard, and head out through the vines together.  Sip away the day and explore each other’s terroir 😈  as the sun sets over the vines.  Sip responsibly and if driving home is not on the cards, many vineyards and local inns offer wine tasting overnight deals so you can enjoy sunset and sunrise in wine country. 

September is a month of transition all over the world.  Originally known as the seventh month, it’s a month known for focusing energies and spiritual enlightenment.

At Erosscia we suggest you focus and enlighten your sexual energy and enjoy exploring new and old this month. 


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