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5 Sexy Tricks to up Your Freaky this Halloween

Let’s be honest – Halloween was never meant to be a holiday for kids!  

Originally a Celtic festival when it was believed the souls who had died that year wouljourney to the otherworldour ancestors conjured up a simple solution if you did not want to be recognized by the ghosts of those souls – wear a mask and disguise yourself!  

Fast forward to today – for some people Halloween just means freezing in line outside a bar with a costume that looks hot but feels cold or overseeing trick or treating kids with a crazy sugar rush 

Halloween is one of the sexiest holidays possible – after all, dressing up is the perfect set up for some great roleplay.  

So if you are ready for some sexy spookiness this All Hallows Eve, Erosscia has conjured up some Halloween games for you and your special one to inject the Hallows’ spirit into your sex life.  Let’s get Freaky! 


Hide and seek 

Who said that Halloween and games were just for kids 

Put your best costume on and play hide and seek in the apartment or outside if you can. The one that loses the game will have to give the other a treat. 

Let your fantasies show up here – there is nothing sexier than taking advantage of #HallowEEK to plan what fantasy you want to enact.  This is the night when all the pressure to conform goes out the window and you are free to be yourself and act just as you fantasized. 

Catch me if you can  

With the lights off, somebody gets to wear a glow in the dark condom. 

After running around the outdoor furniture set a few times, you might want to get caught!  

Just remember that condom could be on a number of things – including your partner chasing you around with an Erosscia Allore. 

Make your own scary thriller 

Scary movies at Halloween are a classic Its great to be cuddled up with your partner watching something ridiculous or something ridiculously scary. 

Yet why not create your own scary movie?  

Take some complimentary costumes – like flight attendant and passenger – turn the camera on and try to find roleplay that would level up the horny tensions between you and your partner, until one of you cracks and gives the treat the other they deserve. 

Looking for inspiration? Watch a few adult themed Halloween videos during #Halloweek to get your creative (and other) juices flowing. 

Sex toy treat 

Halloween characters often use tools to play with their prey. Using a sex toy for your private Halloween party is a ton of fun and builds a lot of anticipation with your partner!

Your Erosscia toy could be your perfect instrument of playful consensual torture along with some creative use of lube and a spooky backdrop.  

Take the time to set up your sexy torture chamber with candles, green lights, haunted music and some blood curdling cocktails.   


Forget your broom, ride me instead! 

There are so many sex positions named after famous Halloween characters – this is the perfect opportunity to experiment with a few, after all – who wouldn’t want to give The Ghost Rider some serious attention? 

If you want to shake each other’s bones this All Hallows Eve, have your partner lie on their back and straddle them facing their feet.  You are in control on speed and stimulation and if the whole point of Halloween is to be someone you’re not, then remember for The Ghost Rider “you ride…for glory!”  (isn’t The Ghost Rider a much better name for Reverse Cowgirl?) 

We can all agree 2020 has been a crazy year. 

Taking a much needed break from the crazy has the added advantage that Halloween at least this year happens on a Saturday night, which gives  you the whole weekend to try these 5 sexy treats. 

How about starting your Saturday night with Catch Me If You Can, and moving into The Ghost Rider? 

Enjoy putting these 5 tips in your own order this spooky weekend and may you find your freaky!  

Trick and treat 😈


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