Sexy women in lingerie masturbates with an electric toothbrush. Erosscia is pleasure reimagined by turning your electric toothbrush into the best vibrator for a woman’s orgasm. Learn how to masturbate with a vibrator. You can read the full article by clicking the link httpswww.erosscia.comhow-to-masturbate-with-your-rechargeable-toothbrush-safely

A Step-By-Step Guide To Using Your Electric Toothbrush As A Sex Toy 

Wait, you can use your electric toothbrush as a sex toy? Isn’t that unhygienic? Does anyone really do that? Well, the answers are: yes, not if you do it right, and yes! Throughout history, people have used various everyday objects as sex toys. Since traditional vibrators became popular, people of all genders have enjoyed their gentle vibrations both externally and internally. 

But, vibrators can be expensive… 

That’s why many people have taken to Google to find other options for vibrators that they may already have. Whether it be a smartphone app or an electric toothbrush, it can be part of the fun to be creative and use something that isn’t a sex toy for a sex toy. 

With that said, safety and hygiene are important. There is nothing more embarrassing than showing up to the Emergency Room with your partner because something is stuck somewhere. If you are going to use an electric toothbrush as a vibrator–on your partner or yourself–make sure to do it right. Not only are safe orgasms better for your and your partner’s body, but they also are better orgasms! Here is a step-by-step guide on “How to use your electric toothbrush as a sex toy?” 


Sexy hands demonstrating how to connect an Erosscia attachment to an electric toothbrush turning it into a DIY sex toy that is one of the best vibrators for women. Learn how to masturbate with one of the best sex toys for women. You can read the full article by clicking the link


Step One: Get Consent 

First and foremost, if you plan to use your electric toothbrush on a partner (or have your partner use it on you) get consent first. As with the use of any new toy, consent is key. Discuss what you want to do (or want to be done to you) and ensure your partner is comfortable with it first. 


Step Two: Rubber Up

Even if you do not plan to insert the electric toothbrush anywhere in the body, it is important to use a condom to cover the head. Not only for hygienic purposes, but also because you don’t exactly what bare bristles anywhere they aren’t made to be. With that said, there are also electric toothbrush vibrator attachments like those that Erosscia makes. 

These attachments are body safe, non-phallic, and keep your toothbrush vibrator cleaner. You can also find attachments for use on specific body parts such as those for clit orgasms or anal stimulation. You can still use condoms on these attachments–especially recommended if you use them with multiple partners–but you do not have to in order to keep your toothbrush clean. 

Sexy women in lingerie masturbates with an electric toothbrush. Erosscia is pleasure reimagined by turning your electric toothbrush into the best vibrator for a woman’s orgasm. Learn how to masturbate with a vibrator. You can read the full article by clicking the link


Step Three: Determine How You Want To Use It

When you are getting consent is also a great time to discuss where and how you want the toothbrush vibrator. While the obvious answer is clitoral stimulation, vibrators have many more possible uses, including your toothbrush vibrator! We’ve listed a few, but there are several more. However you use it make sure to do so safely. 

  • Vibration Only: Sometimes, you do not need anything more than some nice, gentle vibration in just the right spot. This can be done solo, with a partner, and over or under clothing. It also can be used as a massager which is an amazing form of foreplay! 
  • Vaginal Penetration: Erosscia toothbrush attachments are slim enough to fit into the vagina and slightly curved to hit the g spot. The vibration of electric toothbrushes is perfectly calibrated to feel pleasant on the mucus membrane of the mouth. The same goes for the vagina! 
  • Anal Penetration: Whether you are new to anal sex or an experienced pro, a vibrator can help warm you or your partner up. The slim Erosscia design is less intrusive than girthier designs and the vibrations are subtle, but enough to feel just right.  
  • Oral: Why not put your toothbrush vibrator where it belongs?! It can be extremely hot to give your vibrator a blow job while your partner watches or vice versa. The vibrations also feel quite nice on the mouth and it’s perfect for those who may feel hesitant with the size of a penis or traditional vibrator. 
  • Sans Attachment: If you choose to use a toothbrush without a vibrator, make sure to use it either above clothing, with a condom, or non-penetratively. However, you can absolutely get some amazing stimulation from turning on the toothbrush and just putting it between your legs or rubbing it across your partner’s skin. 
  • Solo: Of course, you don’t have to only use your electric toothbrush vibrator with a partner. You can use it to pleasure yourself. It is the perfect option for traveling discreetly and without any embarrassing vibrations that may occur in your carry-on, or worse, checked luggage.  

Plus, everyone is familiar with the sound of an electric toothbrush, so if your hotel room neighbors happen to hear it, they are unlikely to think twice. It’s also quieter than bulky vibrators, so it’s unlikely your neighbors would hear it at all. 

  • Erogenous Zones: Running your electric toothbrush across your own or your partner’s erogenous zones is an amazing way to get the mood going. Regardless of the gender identity of your partner, taking advantage of the vibrations on the nipples, neck, and thighs is the perfect foreplay. Hand the toothbrush to your partner and let them stimulate their preferred erogenous zone while you now have free hands 😉. 


Erosscia Ceola is a clitoris vibrator and optimal for clitoral stimulation. It is one of the best sex toys for women and turns your electric toothbrush into the best vibrator for a woman’s orgasm. Erosscia Ceola is an adult toy for creating intense orgasmic pleasure. Erosscia is pleasure reimagined.


Step Four: Have Fun!

Now that you and your partner have figured out how you plan to use your electric toothbrush as a sex toy, it’s time to have some fun! You can use the toothbrush for foreplay or the main event whichever excites you most. Plus, you can have some solo fun with your toothbrush and/or an Erosscia vibrator too.


Step Five: Cleaning & Storing 

Finally, when you and/or your partner are done having fun, make sure to properly clean and store your toothbrush vibrator. The proper way to clean and store it will depend on if you are using attachments or not and other factors. 

First, if using an Erosscia attachment, you can easily detach the Erosscia vibrator attachment. You can use any silicone sex toy cleaner or place the attachment in boiling water to disinfect and clean it. The toothbrush itself can be wiped down carefully and disinfected. If the head was detached, there is no reason to clean the head of the toothbrush. If the head was intact and under a condom, detach the head and soak it in a peroxide-water solution for fifteen minutes. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Can I Use Any Electric Toothbrush As A Vibrator? 

Any standard adult-size toothbrush can double as a vibrator. Erosscia attachments fit on most Sonicare and Oral-B electric toothbrushes. It may fit on other electric toothbrush models. 


Should I Use A Separate Electric Toothbrush? 

If you have a spare electric toothbrush, this is a great idea! You do not have to go out and buy a separate electric toothbrush just for your vibrator (unless you want to of course). As long as you properly use the toothbrush and attachments and clean it well, an extra toothbrush is not a necessity. 


Is It Waterproof? 

This is tricky. If your electric toothbrush has batteries, it is not waterproof and should be used in the shower or bath. Rechargeable electric toothbrushes may be safe in the shower as long as they are held upright. However, your electric toothbrush should not be submerged in the bath. Ultimately, if you plan to get freaky in the shower, bath, pool, or hot tub, keep your toothbrush vibrator above water to be safe. 


Do People Really Use Toothbrushes As Sex Toys? 

Yes! It may not be as common as homemade dildos, but people have absolutely used their electric toothbrushes for a bit of relief while traveling. Now, it isn’t necessarily common without an attachment, but it is no less common than using a smartphone or anything else that can provide some sweet vibrations in a pinch. 


Is Erosscia For Men Too? 

Of course! Men–whether in gay, straight, or polyamorous relationships–can use and get the benefits of Erosscia. A toothbrush vibrator isn’t only for penetration. Though, men who are into anal will love Erosscia’s sleek and discreet design. Try stimulating the scrotum with it or running it across the collarbone or nipples. Thank us later! 


Erosscia: The Easiest Way To Turn Your Electric Toothbrush Into A Sex Toy 

Erosscia is the sex toy the world didn’t know it needed. Instead of taking a risk or ruining your electric toothbrush when traveling, Erosscia is specifically designed to turn your toothbrush into a luxury vibrator. There are no batteries or extra charging required! It is the perfect sex toy for beginners because it is thin and versatile. Using your electric toothbrush as a sex toy has never been easier, safer, cleaner, or more environmentally friendly than ever before. Not to mention, it is less likely to have you answering awkward questions at TSA. 

Shop all of Erosscia’s electric toothbrush vibrator attachments, including traditional, rabbit, and clit stimulating varieties. With multiple colors and types, you can find one that meets your pleasure needs. Plus, with no motor needed, they’re less expensive than your traditional vibrator. Reimagine pleasure and purchase your Erosscia through our online store today. 



Sexy girl masturbate with a toothbrush turned into a DIY sex toy. Erosscia is pleasure reimagined and turns your electric toothbrush into the best vibrator for a woman’s orgasm. It turns any toothbrush into a masturbation toothbrush.


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