Erosscia has been featured in Allure.

Is it time to upgrade your sex toy drawer? Allure seems to think so, and if one of the top rated women’s beauty magazines says so, then you have to check out their suggestion. They have assembled an interesting and sensual list of products you could use for your next “home improvement“ expedition and labeled them as the most innovative sex toys of 2018. The annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and AVN Adult Novelty Expo in Las Vegas are twin showcases of everything sexy and the very best in sex toy technology. These expos boast the best and most innovative pleasure products the world has to offer. Allure writer, Lynsey G, did quite a bit of research on this year’s expo events and shared eight mind-blowing adult products that “will be taking up residence on my nightstand as soon as possible.“ Among these winning picks is our own Erosscia Allore. What’s the connection between dental hygiene and orgasms? Check out this Allure article and find out.


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