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Is My Sex Toy Body-safe?

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When it comes to purchasing your new sex toy, you may be thinking more about ‘fun’ than safety, but if you really want to have a care free good time and improve your sex life, you might need to think about both.

There are actually no current compulsory regulations for sex toy body safety in the industry. This can make it a minefield for consumers when it comes to knowing what products will bring them pleasure, rather than affect their bodies adversely. It’s worth also considering that what might be body-safe for one person is not necessarily body-safe for the next.

Some companies which claim to be body-safe are actually just using the label but have no substance to back that up. However, other companies do go through SGS or FDA approval involving a process of rigorous materials testing. Some may use FDA compliant processes and materials. These are the ones who actually care about customer safety and wellbeing.

Erosscia works for your body safety

Erosscia products put consumer wellbeing first. They noticed a need for vibrators certified as being safe for consumer use. Erosscia products are designed and manufactured to be FDA complaint and to meet FDA standards as a class II medical device.

The designers of Erosscia are fully aware that their product comes into contact with mucus membranes and that there is a danger in this which other companies have failed to consider.

Mucus membranes, unlike membranes on the outer skin of the body, lack a protective ‘dry’ covering, making them far more susceptible to infections such as AIDS and those of a fungal nature.

Erosscia products are certified as safe when coming into contact with these membranes. It is also non-porous, drastically decreasing the chance of infection resulting from bacteria becoming trapped in the toy. Therefore, it truly is designed specifically to maximize pleasure and minimize harm.

The team at Erosscia is also passionate about educating our customers on ways that they can maximize product safety when using the AlloreOkamei or  Ceola. Vibrators, if being used by more than one person, should be sterilized, rather than just sanitized, after every session. For single users, sterilization is still recommended but sanitization may be okay some of the time. A dishwasher will be acceptable for sanitizing either your Allore or Ceola products, but only if it has a seal for standard 184 from NSF/ANSI.

How to clean my vibrator?

relaxed post orgasmic girl reflects on the fabulous sensuality from her Erosscia vibrator

For sterilization, Erosscia recommends either immersion in a solution of 70% alcohol; immersion in a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide, or boiling for a maximum of five minutes at no higher than 120 C/ 248 F (to avoid product damage).

One very large advantage of Erosscia attachments in terms of product safety is that it is so easy to detach the product from the motor (your electric toothbrush holder), so you can sterilize it properly.

If you purchase any Erosscia vibrator and clean it properly, you’ll be far safer than if you’d purchased most traditional vibrators. That being said, paying attention to how your body reacts to the vibrator is always a key component of body safety and the team at Erosscia encourages you to get in touch if you have any concerns.

We have designed our product specifically to maximize both customer safety and enjoyment in one package. The Allore, Okamei and Ceola are your gateway to a carefree and sensational sexual experience.

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