When it comes to purchasing your new sex toy, you may be thinking more about ‘fun’ than safety, but if you really want to have a care free good time and improve your sex life, we suggest you think about both.

Chances are your Erosscia product is going to product come into contact with mucus membranes. Know that your Erosscia product is constructed to meet FDA Class II standards as a device for obstetrical and gynaecological therapeutic use. Erosscia products are certified as safe when coming into contact with these membranes. It is also non-porous, drastically decreasing the chance of infection resulting from bacteria becoming trapped. 

Cleaning your Erosscia Product: Sterilize or Sanitize

We are passionate about educating our customers on ways that they can maximise product safety. Vibrators, if being used by more than one person, should be sterilized, rather than just sanitized, after every session.

For Erosscia products that are monogamous to single user, sterilization is still recommended but sanitization may be okay. Throw your Erosscia product into your dishwasher, acceptable for sanitizing, but only if it has a seal for standard 184 from NSF/ANSI. Place it in the upper tray horizontally. Do not put it on a prong as you may damage your Erosscia. If some water remains, just stand it upright for a few minutes.


For sterilization, Erossica recommends either immersion in a solution of

  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide

or boiling for a maximum of five minutes at no higher than 120 C/ 248 F (to avoid product damage). Your Erosscia product is also safe for autoclaving.

Sex toy cleaners may be used and are safe with your Erosscia product, however not all products are equal in their formulation or purity and not all have been tested.

We encourage you to get in touch if you have any concerns. We have designed our product specifically to maximise both customer safety and enjoyment in one package. The Allore is your gateway to a carefree and sensational sexual experience.

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