A Step-By-Step Guide To Using Your Electric Toothbrush As A Sex Toy 

Wait, you can use your electric toothbrush as a sex toy? Isn’t that unhygienic? Does anyone really do that? Well, the answers are: yes, not if you do it right, and yes! Throughout history, people have used various everyday objects as sex toys. Since traditional vibrators became popular, people of all genders have enjoyed their gentle vibrations both externally and internally.

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15 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day That Do Not Include Sex | Erosscia

15 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day That Do Not Include Sex

Valentine’s Day is often considered a day when couples carve out time in their busy schedules to do something romantic and have sex. Marketing around Valentine’s Day focuses on lingerie, sex toys, and uber-romantic dates. While there is nothing wrong with making time for sex and trying new things on Valentine’s Day, it may not be right for everyone. Perhaps you do not enjoy sex, or have to avoid it temporarily for a medical reason? Maybe, you simply want to connect with your partner intimately, but without sex? There are plenty of ways to explore intimacy and your partner for Valentine’s Day without having sex. Here are 15 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that do not include sex.


Rejecting The Binary With Gender Affirming Sex Toys & Tips On Supporting A Trans Partner

While some transgender and gender non-conforming people may have no issues using these sorts of toys, others can find the experience extremely dysphoric, especially when used with a partner. Additionally, for people who have undergone bottom surgery, traditional sex toys may not work for them due to increased (or decreased) sensitivity or other factors related to surgery. Yet, people in all stages of transition deserve to feel and find pleasure with toys they enjoy and which do not cause dysphoria.


Asexual Doesn’t Mean Apleasure!: The World Of Sex Toys & Sex For Ace People 

Asexual Doesn’t Mean Apleasure! Sex toys are for everyone! While the world of pleasure products is often portrayed within cisgender, heterosexual relationships, people of all identities enjoy the unbridled pleasure that sex toys can bring. With Pride Month in full swing, we are committed to recognizing the many communities within the greater LGBTQIA+ community. One community that often gets ignored in sex toy discussions is the asexual, or ace, community. An asexual person experiences a lack of sexual attraction and may or may not experience romantic attraction. Just like all gender and sexuality, asexuality exists on a beautifully diverse spectrum! Read on to find out more about asexual identity and how asexual people and their partners might incorporate sex toys...

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Blurred image of a sexy pair kissing in the shower

How to Have Shower Sex? – The Sexy Guide

In theory, shower sex is hot and steamy and always looks amazing on the big screen. Who wouldn’t want to act out their fantasy of being touched by a warm, wet body especially as it can be so very erotic when naked bodies are being soaped and rubbed all over. Shower sex can take a lull in any relationship and elevate the sexual tension to a whole new level – but there are ways to make sure that you don’t elevate your risk of injuries at the same time. Think about it – for some parents or roommates, the shower is one of the best places to have sex with all that running water as helpful acoustics.


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