Erosscia Luxury Vibrator - Orgasmic Sex Toy For Intense Female Masturbation


Elegant. Discrete. & Airport Security Embarrassment Proof

Erosscia was born out the embarrassment of having one too many suitcase inspections where our toys were on full display at the airport. Born from the frustration of batteries that ran low or gave out mid-climax. From the awkwardness of inadvertently leaving the vibrator on the nightstand to have our kid ask about it.

The cheap feel and industrial nature of many sex toys was a turn-off, not a turn-on, and didn't resonate with our idea of what a pleasure product should be. So we set out to create an affordable, elegantly discrete and portable lifestyle product offering mind-blowing erotic sensations and Orgasms. Our innovative Erosscia pleasure product turns your Sonicare or Oral B toothbrush handle into a discrete luxury vibrator redefining sensual, sexual possibility with toe-curling intensity and pillow-biting orgasmic Pleasure.

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Discover profound satisfaction. Erosscia.

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