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Exotic honeymoons & sex toys

If you’re about to get married, or you’ve just gotten married, it’s understandable that you’d want to have an incredible honeymoon to mark the occasion. Perhaps you’d like to travel to an exotic location- one that’s always been on your bucket list. How about the Maldives, for example? Or the desert dunes of Saudi Arabia? One thing to keep in mind when planning your honeymoon is that what might be considered legal and acceptable where you live might be completely banned and punishable in a different country. Adult products are one example of this.

Sex toys are completely banned in the Maldives, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. They are also banned in Thailand and Vietnam. Many countries have rules surrounding sex toys; and it is worth enquiring before you visit your destination whether sex toys are legal. India officially bans sex toys, but there are loopholes. For example, massagers are legal so long as they are not shaped like private parts. Indian start-up companies are using these loopholes to cater to the public’s growing sexual awareness and demand for adult products. Even in Alabama, sex toys are banned officially, but adult toys are still sold in some contexts.

While it is strongly advisable that you weigh up the risks of bringing pleasure products into a country which has strong penalties for possession, having a non-phallic sex toy on hand is a potential option for countries with looser bans, such as India. A non-phallic sex toy, such as the Allore made by Erosscia, obviously increases discretion. The Allore is very discrete because it is actually made in two parts. The motor is your electric toothbrush holder, while the head of the Allore looks just like any massager. Therefore, while your vibrator is in two pieces, no one is likely to suspect anything.

The Allore vibrator was designed with a whole range of purposes in mind, but really is a perfect couple’s sex toy for your honeymoon, and in more than one way. It is very discreet at airport inspections. Do you ever get tired of having your pleasure products on full display? Well, now no one will have a clue. The rechargeability of the Allore means that you won’t have to worry about packing spare batteries. And because exotic travel can be a bit hard on the luggage, it’s an advantage that the Allore is waterproof too.

The Allore was designed with your complete comfort in mind. It is made from body safe materials, meeting the FDA criteria for a Class II medical device. Now you can enjoy a honeymoon orgasm in an even more relaxed state, knowing that your sexual health is in good hands. And speaking of orgasm, the Allore’s design is to touch your g-spot in the most effective way, creating fantastic sexual experiences to remember in the years of romance to come.

Your honeymoon is an exciting time, and you only want the best. Plan carefully how best to enjoy yourself without getting in trouble with the local authorities. And when planning, keep the Allore vibrator in mind. This couple’s sex toy may be your key to both exquisite touch and a relaxed problem-free vacation, where all your lovemaking dreams come true.

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