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Exotic Honeymoon Destinations & Sex Toys: What you Should Know

If you’re about to get married, or you’ve just gotten married, it’s understandable that you’d want to have an incredible honeymoon to mark the occasion!

Perhaps you’d like to travel to an exotic location- one that’s always been on your bucket list. How about the Maldives, for example? Or the desert dunes of Saudi Arabia? – Here is a list of the hottest honeymoon places in the world!

One thing to keep in mind when planning your honeymoon is that what might be considered legal and acceptable where you live might be completely banned and punishable in a different country. Sex toys and other exotic adult items are one example of this.

Countries where sex toys are banned

Sex toys are completely banned in the Maldives, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. They are also banned in Thailand and Vietnam.

Many countries have rules surrounding exotic sex toys; and it is worth enquiring before you visit your destination whether sex toys are legal.

Can I bring a sex toy to India?

Who said India is the country of Tantra and Kamasutra?India is the country of Tantra and Kamasutra but bans sex toys erosscia is a vibrator in disguise erosscia is pleasure reimagined read the full article

India officially bans sex toys, but there are loopholes. For example, massagers are legal so long as they are not shaped like private parts. Indian start-up companies are using these loopholes to cater to the public’s growing sexual awareness and demand for adult products.

In India, sexual energy, directly linked to the sacral chakra, is extremely precious. If Tantric traditions recognized that this sacred energy shouldn’t be repressed, they say that it shouldn’t be misused either. Sexual energy is extremely powerful, as it is able to create life!

Traveling with a sex toy in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia


Even though Thailand is popular for sex tourism, sex toys are completely prohibited. Don’t bring any exotic sex toys to Thailand, or you might find yourself in jail!


According to the Malaysian penal code, anyone who possesses “Any obscene book, pamphlet, drawing, painting representation of any figure or any other obscene object whatsoever…shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend up to three years, or with fine, or with both”. 

Well, well, well, time to use your magic fingers!  

Viêt Nam 

Unlike Thailand and Malaysia, you won’t find yourself in jail for bringing your favourite vibrators in Vietnam.

However, your personal massager might be kept by the Vietnamese Authority until you leave the country. Believe us, you don’t want to find yourself in that embarrassing situation when you have to give your vibrators to the Vietnamese authority

Can I carry a vibrator in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates?

Arabie Saoudite

Under Islamic law, sex toys are banned in Saudi Arabia. You won’t go to jail but it’ll be confiscated.

loving arab couple know that while sex toys are banned in Saudi Arabia there is erosscia discreet vibrators read the full article here

Did you know, if sex toys fall under “pornographic materials” in Saudi Arabia, they have “halal sex shop“, when you can find scented candles and other subtle but sensual products! 

Emirats Arabes Unis

Sex toys are illegal in the United Arab Emirates. You won’t go to jail but your vib will be confiscated, and you might see yourself persecuted.

Traveling with a vibrator in the Maldives and Alabama


Along with usual suspects, such as firearms, it is also an offence to take a sex toy into the Maldives.  If attempted your sex toy will be confiscated and your entry into the country delayed.

This complete ban is  founded in Islam and is part of what the country considers “pornographic material” as advised by the Maldives Customs Service.

Long story short, its back to those magic fingers!

Alabama, United States

Yes, you read right. There is one state that bans sex toys in the United States!

Thanks to Alabama’s 1998 Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act: “any device designed or marketed as useful for the stimulation of human genital organs.”

If exotic sex toys are officially banned, adult massager are still sold in some contexts.

How to travel with a Sex Toy in a country where it's banned?

While it is strongly advisable that you weigh up the risks of bringing pleasure products into a country which has strong penalties for possession, having a non-phallic sex toy on hand is a potential option for countries with looser bans, such as India.

A non-phallic sex toy, such as the Allore, Okamei and Ceola made by Erosscia, obviously increases discretion.

Erosscia Allore, white, g spot vibrator, best sex toys for women, turns your electric toothbrush into the best vibrator for a woman’s orgasm, the adult toy for creating intense orgasmic pleasure, Erosscia is Pleasure reimagined

Découvrez Alloré

Sculpted by women to match your natural contours, Allore is ideal for internal & external pleasure, G-spot, B-spot and clitoral stimulation.

The Allore is very discrete because it is actually made in two parts. The motor is your electric toothbrush holder, while the head of the Allore looks just like any massager. Therefore, while your vibrator is in two pieces, no one is likely to suspect anything.

The Allore vibrator was designed with a whole range of purposes in mind, but really is a perfect couple’s sex toy for your honeymoon, and in more than one way. It is very discreet at airport inspections.

Do you ever get tired of having your pleasure products on full display? Well, now no one will have a clue. The rechargeability of the Allore means that you won’t have to worry about packing spare batteries. And because exotic travel can be a bit hard on the luggage, it’s an advantage that the Allore is waterproof too.

The Allore was designed with your complete comfort in mind. It is made from body safe materials, meeting the FDA criteria for a Class II medical device. Now you can enjoy a honeymoon orgasm in an even more relaxed state, knowing that your sexual health is in good hands. And speaking of orgasm, the Allore’s design is to touch your g-spot in the most effective way, creating fantastic sexual experiences to remember in the years of romance to come.

Your honeymoon is an exciting time, and you only want the best. Plan carefully how best to enjoy yourself without getting in trouble with the local authorities. And when planning, keep the Allore vibrator in mind. This couple’s sex toy may be your key to both exquisite touch and a relaxed problem-free vacation, where all your lovemaking dreams come true.


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Pourriez-vous être le prochain ? Rejoignez notre newsletter mensuelle !
Chaque mois, un abonné chanceux remportera l'un de nos packs !
L'abonnement à notre newsletter vous donne non seulement une chance de gagner, mais vous garantit également d'être toujours au courant de nos derniers blogs et promotions.