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Top 10 ways to have a fabulous relationship with Freedom this Singles Day

Single, happyindependent, and empowered 🙌 Awesome – then Singles Day this year has an added twist for you!  

Singles Day is a celebration of being romantically unattached and enjoying treating yourself to something special.  UNfter what 2020 – 2022 has brought us – from the Coronavirus to economic hardship, we are getting revenge … Revenge Shopping that is!   

It turns dehors that we are eager to splurge sur some exceptional shopping and indulgences to make up for a tough year.  This Singles Day will not disappoint.  

To help all of you celebrating Singles Day 2020 Érosscia a compiled le Top 10 ways you can revenge shop giving yourself a fabulous relationship with #freedom to celebrate Singles Day on 11/11. 

#10 Spa Day / Self Care Retreat 

Relax, Refresh & Recharge – after all, you absolutely deserve it.   If you live in a part of the world where Spa Retreats sont open, then spoil yourself with a Spa Day package and let someone else pamper you — just remember to keep your mask on 😊    

If the pandemic has restricted Spa openings in your area then you can être creative with ton self-care day at home.  Plan activities that relax your bodoui and rejuvenate your mind.  Take the time to relax in a deep bubble bath with a face mask and a glass of bubbles, then transition into a manicure / pedicure before relaxing with meditation or journaling. 

You can always end the day with your own climax 😈  Self-care is whatever you want it to be on Singles Day. 

#9 Wardrobe Makeover! 

Treat yourself to a makeover, the deals for Singles Day will ensure your money goes a lot further.  

Start your wardrobe refresh by sorting your clothes and create YES, NO and MAYBE piles.  The NO pile can be donated, the MAYBE pile needs you to answer these questions: Does it fit? Does it flatter? Do I look fabulous?  Once you have your YES and MAYBE piles sorted through, the real fun starts with your choice of personality and lifestyle shopping that will fill any holes your makeover has created.  Many of the popular fashion sites will have sales, and if they don’t use your favorite search engine to see who does and don’t forget about Instagram and Pinterest (#singlesdaydeals #singlesday).  

You might find a new favorite look, designer or store to make a regular.  At Érosscia we love supporting small businesses, so before you go on-line check to see if that store you’ve always walked past but never stopped in might have a Single Day sale to tempt you 😊  

#8 Live Streaming Parties 

Live streaming is a huge deal on Singles Day with a star list of celebrities providing #shoppertainment (sometimes called #entertainmerce) on all your favorite platforms.   

Send out invitations to your friends and set up your kitchen with delicious snacks and drinks, along with some comfy blankets in the living room for the live streaming events that run late into the night. 

#7 Flowers from me for me💐 

There is no better way to celebrate your solidary #freedom than sending yourself a stunning arrangement of celebratory flowers.  

With today’s high tech and fast paced lifestyle, researchers have proved que le very presence of flowers immediately triggers happy emotions, heightens life satisfaction et initiates conversations with others.  

Singles Day is the perfect time to send yourself flowers et radiate floral sunshine into your special day. 

#6 Pamper yourself with a white space day 

You know how you feel when your calendar is jam-packed, deliverables are looming, and you don’t even have time for lunch at your desk? Now imagine if you have a total white space in your calendar and time with no distractions to think, process and breathe.  This Singles Day mark your calendar as “off limits” and protect it.  

Treat yourself to a day with no plans or commitments and spend time with yourself. 

#5 Guys or Girls Night Out 

Times have changed and living alone, choosing to stay single longer, or waiting for compatibility are hugely positive reasons why le single lifestyle est becoming more popular.  

This unique kind of freedom becomes an attractor.  Celebrate with un night out.   If you want to, spend time with friends who you really enjoy and who do not take life too seriously and who never bring up the question about “when are you going to find someone.” 

#4 Special Dinner Out 

Calling all single foodies out there!  Just because you are single does not mean you have to miss out on special food experiences.   

The joy of experiencing great food out of interest and not simply hunger means you can enjoy food for pleasure and what better day to treat yourself to an incredible meal than Singles Day?  

If dining out is tricky where you live due to COVID, pick a restaurant with food you have always wanted to experience and order out anyway.  

If you can eat out, then book yourself a meal at a chef’s table and become part of a gastronomic experience enjoyed by a group of food lovers. 

#3 Gadgets! 

Singles Day has overtaken Black Friday & Cyber Monday in sales of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and personal electronics.   Ready for an upgrade?  Well shop no further than the Singles Day deals that are pulsating through the internet.  Take advantage of hitting the reset on your technology options and set your clock for an early start for the best online deals.  

We suggest getting the latest electric electric toothbrush so that you can add your favorite toothbrush vibrator attachment to a new toothbrush. 

Erosscia is the only company that turns your electric toothbrush into a vibrator.    

#2 Gift Exchange 

The popularity of celebrating Singles Day has extended to gift exchanges among friends

Forget awkward memories of bad White Elephant gift exchanges, this Singles Jour combine the revenge shopping with gift giving and be the best friend ever! 

Set up a Singles Day gift exchange with a theme that everyone can get behind.  Make it a celebration and time to get together and hang out with all your single friends.  There are so many unique products with special Singles Jour promotions, et Érosscia is no exception  

Treat your friends to an Allore ou Céola and give them the gift of pleasure reimagined with CODE : YOURETHEONE 22% off 1 or 33% off 2.

#1 Book something on your bucket list 

Sometimes being single is all about what's best for you, and living a single life offers you a lot of freedom.  

Celebrate that freedom by booking something this Singles Day that has been on your bucket list!   Whether il's satisfying your wanderlust and traveling to a country that you are passionate about all the way to swimming with dolphins or seeing the Northern Lights, there will never be a better time to take the plunge and ensure it happens. 


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Pourriez-vous être le prochain ? Rejoignez notre newsletter mensuelle !
Chaque mois, un abonné chanceux remportera l'un de nos packs !
L'abonnement à notre newsletter vous donne non seulement une chance de gagner, mais vous garantit également d'être toujours au courant de nos derniers blogs et promotions.