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Harmonic Frequencies and Orgasms

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Wouldn’t it be fantastic if along with having an orgasm you could also experience sexual and general body healing?

Exactly like in Indian Tantra, new scientific studies in integrative medicine have pointed to the existence of actual energy circuits in the body, and other researchers point to the fact that the body and its systems are all vibrational in nature.

Additionally, a study investigating electrostimulation in the context of prosthetic limb attachments demonstrates that external vibrational frequencies affect living skin.

It seems then only a natural step to design sex toy devices to interact with the frequencies of the body’s systems during touch, and the team at Erosscia® have done just that.

Erosscia is an innovative new adult product, which aims to decrease orgasmic dysfunction and increase female sexual function. It works to combine intense pleasure with overall sexual ease and healing.

Their Allore, Ceola, and Okamei vibrators work by attaching onto the bottom end of your electric toothbrush. The vibration of the Sonicare toothbrush is 258 hz – the same frequency as your root chakra.  

The balance between the root and the sacral chakras

The root chakra is directly based in the pelvic area and is associated with groundedness and safety. Working as a pillar for your sacral chakra, the chakra of sexuality and creation, a healthy root chakra is necessary to provide the foundation for a healthy exploration of self and the world.

It’s only once you’re comfortable and balanced in your root chakra that you should start working on your sacral chakra, two-fingers above the pelvic area (at the level of the clitoris for women, and the prostate for men).

Using an Erosscia vibrator to create a balance between the root and the sacral chakra could help to facilitate these feelings of safety and creativity during sexual experiences and orgasm. There is undoubtedly also benefit for the whole body’s sense of wellbeing.

How to work on your root and sacral chakras safely?

Erosscia as an intimate massager has other important features too, that help to make sexual experiences more relaxed and pleasurable, whether it is being used as a  couple sex toy , or purely for masturbation.

It is a certified bodysafe product through FDA device testing, which means that it’s a medical-grade luxury sex toy designed to prevent infection during sex or orgasm; and it also uses zero phlathates, so the materials are non-toxic.

Erosscia models are very discreet. Because the motor is your electric toothbrush holder, and the rest of the vibrator looks no different from a regular massager, you can be more relaxed about your sex-life in general, knowing that the Erosscia intimate massager guarantees you discretion.

With science now pointing to a measurable foundation of the belief in chakras and meridian systems, the existence of energy systems in the body deserves far more recognition.

The team at Erosscia do recognize these energy systems and the vital role that they can play in your sexual health and health in general. That’s why the luxury medical-grade Allore, Ceola and Okamei models not only provides you with exquisite touch and powerful orgasms, but is also designed to interact with your body’s natural energies for healing and sexual wellbeing.

Own the most exciting, inclusive, elegant & ethical sex toy bringing you 🤯 orgasms

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