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How to Have Shower Sex – The Sexy Guide

In theory, shower sex is hot and steamy and always looks amazing on the big screen. Who wouldn’t want to act out their fantasy of being touched by a warm, wet body especially as it can be so very erotic when naked bodies are being soaped and rubbed all over.

Shower sex can take a lull in any relationship and elevate the sexual tension to a whole new level – but there are ways to make sure that you don’t elevate your risk of injuries at the same time. Think about it – for some parents or roommates, the shower is one of the best places to have sex with all that running water as helpful acoustics.

How to have intense, hot and steamy sex in the shower? What are the top (and comfortable) positions?

Because Erosscia’s waterproof vibrators make shower sex even more fun, take a ride with us and become an expert on how to get dirty in the place that makes you clean!

Shower Sex Top Tips

Tip Number 1: Have a pile of towels at the ready

slippery when wet, recommendation for having pile of towels ready for shower sex, you can read the full article by clicking the link

Did you know that 70% of the time, shower sex ends up on the bathroom floor?! 

While our ultimate guide to shower sex is going to give you all you need to make this an orgasmically spectacular shower sex experience, it’s never a bad idea to have a pile of fluffy towels ready in case you need to abort the cramped shower and finish off love making on dry land. 


Tip Number 2: Water & Condoms

Read our FAQ at the bottom of this page and make sure your condom is compatible with water! 

Moreover, have you ever tried to open a condom with wet hands, let alone get it on a wet body?  Make sure you have a towel next to you to dry your hand.  

Tip Number 3: Spice it up with a waterproof vibrator

Shower sex is the ultimate play time! 

Bring waterproof vibrators into the shower and experiment massaging each other and locating erogenous zones that feel different when slippy

Erosscia’s products are all waterproof and perfect for shower sex! – after all, you can clean your teeth under the shower with your electric toothbrush, so why not swap out the head for one of our AlloreCeola or Okamei attachments?

Tip Number 4: Water is no substitute for Lube

Shower sex while slippy, doesn’t work in your favor.  All that hot water can actually feel drying for women by washing away their natural lubricant and water is no substitute for lube. 

Silicone lubricants perform better for shower sex as they don’t wash off like water-based lubes do. 

Keep the stream of water directed away from your genitals and focus it instead of your backs or legs. 

Tip Number 5: Turn up the Heat

recommendation for turning up the heat to get ready for shower sex, you can read the full article by clicking the link

We mean this quite literally – especially as a shower head isn’t going to keep both of you warm at the same time. 

Turn up the heat in the room beforehand, so both of you have no difficulty getting in the mood. 

If you are lucky enough to have a double shower head, then you also double your chances of both of you staying warm. 


Tip Number 6: Shower foot rests are a thing

Shower foot rests are a thing, look! Originally designed as a foot rest while shaving, if your shower does not have a ledge, these foot rests will attach to the side of your shower.  Just as with the grab bars they aren’t going to support all your weight, but they will provide you with more shower sex options! 


Tip Number 7: Invest in a non-slippery bath mat

Just the thought of slipping is enough to prevent either of you from climaxing!  

Invest in a non-slip rubber bath matt with suction cups so you can both relax and not worry about accidents. 

shower sex hack recommendation for having non slippery bathmat ready for shower sex, you can read the full article by clicking the link

Tip Number 8: Suction cup grab bars

Despite what you have seen in the movies, unless you have a really large shower with all glass panels, you are going to need some leverage. 

There are some really expensive shower sex handles you can buy if you really must, but there are much more affordable grab bars that are sold to help elderly people avoid slipping.   These grab bars are sturdier and cheaper, so why not buy 2 and give yourself some much needed leverage in a small space. 


Top 8 best positions for Shower Sex

From Wet Wheelbarrow, Face off to Sit & Slide, here at Erosscia we know you likely don’t have the space or the acrobatic skill to get too carried away.  And in all seriousness, please do not try any sex positions with one foot on the edge of the bathtub, or you are risking an injury that will be embarrassing to explain at the hospital.    

Here instead are our recommendations for the top 8 best positions for shower sex with plenty of opportunity for waterproof vibrators! 

Position 1: Get a Leg Up

one of the top eight shower sex positions, get a leg up to make oral sex easier in the shower, you can read the full article by clicking the link

Sometimes called the Ballet Dancer, this is probably the number one sex shower position everyone adores!   

How to: 

Stand facing your partner and bring one foot up to rest on the support at an angle. Try to stand against a wall and use it as a support.   


Psssst… This position is perfect for oral sex or thrusting given your legs are spread so far apart. Give it a go! 


Position 2: The Cowgirl/Cowboy

Very easy if you have a chair or a bath tub. The cowgirl, or cowboy, is probably the second favorite! 

How to:  

Have you partner seated on the bath tub, and hihhaaa, have a wild face to face. The partner on top is in control of the intensity of the ride! 


Don’t get cold and shivery like a wet chihuahua! Have the hot water flowing on the back of one of you, and make sure you’ve turned the heat up, as mentioned in the above list of tips! 

the cowgirl or cowboy is the most comfortable shower sex position, you can read the full article by clicking the link

Position 3: The Doggy Style

Intense and deep, who doesn’t like the well-known doggy style? Well, you should definitely re-visit this position in the bathroom, whether it’s in the bath tub, or on the floor.  

How to:  

Well, you probably know how dogs do, don’t you? Table position, one behind the other!  


Protect your knees! This position requires some materials! Without a non-slippery bath mat (a towel can do to), none of you will enjoy it.  

If the bath tub is a little bit too small, lift one of your legs up! 

Position 4: The Caboose

Ideal if you have a bath tub, this position is very romantic and cuddly.  

How to: 

Your partner sits on the floor, then sit in front of your partner, balancing your hips until you feel comfortable. 


Play with the shower head, as a sex toy, or just to warm both your bodies up. 

one of the top eight shower sex positions is the caboose where you play with a shower head as a sex toy, you can read the full article by clicking the link

Position 5: The Chairman

one of the top eight shower sex positions is the chairman where all hands are free, you can read the full article by clicking the link

For this position to work think reverse cowgirl!   

How to: 

Position your partner sitting on the floor or shower seat, and straddle their lap facing away from them.   


This position works well for anal or vaginal penetration plus all hands are free for play.  You can even use the shower wall for balance if you need to. 


Position 6: Both facing the wall

The name says everything!  

How to: 

Have your partner come behind you, four hands on the wall, and go. Protect your knees with a micro bending! 

This position might require a shower foot rest. Once again, you can use a couple of folded towels for the person at the front.  

one of the top shower sex positions is both facing the wall, you can read the full article by clicking the link

Position 7: The Upstanding Citizen

one of the top shower sex positions is the upstanding citizen, you can read the full article by clicking the link

Who doesn’t like to feel lifted up, especially during orgasm?  

How to: 

Here is a team work, as this position requires a lot of coordination and cooperation! If one is carrying the other, both of you need to engage your core, and be strong and balanced in your body, legs and arms.  


This position is good for her clitoris and her G-spot, but very hard to handle. We’d recommend using this position as an in-between position. 


Position 8: The Standing Doggy Style

Warning: High Intensity Sex! Do you want to play loud? Here you go! Think traditional doggy style just standing up, with both of your feet firmly planted on the shower floor.  We highly recommend keeping this position for the end!  

How to:  

Put both your hands flat against the shower wall and lean over into roughly a 45° angle and bend your knees for comfort.  You can also have your partner holding your hand backward, it usually helps keeping the rhythm.  


To make sure he/she’s ready for action, this standing doggy style can also be used during foreplay, with toys, fingers, and tongue only! 

one of the top shower sex positions is standing doggy style, you can read the full article by clicking the link

FAQ: Shower Sex

Hopefully Erosscia’s ultimate guide to shower sex has given you plenty of ideas to have a break away from the bedroom.   

All that hot water is relaxing and sensual, but there are a few precautions we will address other than reminding you the shower screen won’t take your body weight 😉

Can Shower Sex Cause Infection / Irritation?

It is a basic medical fact that staying wet too long breeds bacteria, and naturally groin areas attract bacteria and fungi if not treated carefully.  Part of the fun of shower sex is the immediacy and spontaneity, so don’t stay in the shower too long and dry off carefully afterwards. 

Can Shower Sex Cause Yeast Infection?

Shower sex will not cause a yeast infection, as the amount of water entering your intimate is very small. However, rushing to put on your clothes while you are still warm and damp will put you at risk. 

Hopefully, you are not so rushed after shower sex that you can’t towel dry or air dry thoroughly before you have to put on clothes so that you also avoid any friction with wet skin that can cause a yeast outbreak.

Is it safe to use a vibrator during shower sex?

Unless you have a waterproof vibrator like Erosscia, then it is not at all safe to take a vibrator into the shower with you.   

Will condoms break during shower sex?

Whenever oil-based ingredients such as soap come into contact with latex such as condoms, damage can occur.  Equally, the heat of a shower is not typically considered when condoms are tested so breakage is a concern.  


If shower sex can light fireworks in your bathroom, it can also be very uncomfortable, which is the reason why it’s not a thing!  

Never feel like you and your partner have to master it, and don’t forget that good sex is all about creativity and communication.  

Remember what we said above, around 70% of the peeps having shower sex end up on the bathroom floor! So, make sure you have all the fluffy towels you and your partner need. Your special one will love you for that!  


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