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intelligent diverse woman tackles the mental swirl of affording self love on a budget

Self-Love On A Budget: How To Prioritize Pleasure & Sex On A Budget

In 2022, inflation has risen over 8%. Inflation has not reached these highs since the 1980s. Thus, it is understandable and savvy to try and save money during these uncertain economic times. Unfortunately, one of the first cuts people tend to make is themselves and their self love. When you have bills to pay, groceries to buy, and families to support, no one can blame someone for cutting their self love budget.  

However, at Erosscia, we believe that self-love–in all forms–is essential to reducing stress and being a good parent, employee, student, friend, and family member. Of course, there is no getting around economic hardship within broader society or personally. Thankfully, there are free or low budget ways to prioritize self-love, pleasure, and sex on a budget. 

Overview: What Is Self-Love? 

Self-love is the act of loving and caring for yourself. It is not uncommon for us to find ourselves caring more for the people in our lives than ourselves. Whether this means taking care of a partner sexually or simply ensuring your children get off to school on time, we also need to do these things for ourselves. 

People who regularly practice and cultivate self-love often have better self-esteem, less stress, an easier time setting boundaries, and tend to have better relationships, among several other benefits. Still, when we have to budget, cozy sheet masks and a new sex toy are often not considered priorities. 

Types Of Self-Love 

There are five types of self-love. Each has its importance to our well-being and carries all the benefits of self-love mentioned above, including some unique to them. Many of the types of self-love overlap and doing something to physically love yourself can have emotional benefits as well. Let’s look more closely at the types of self-love and budget-friendly ways to cultivate them. 

Physical Self-Love  

Physical self-love encompasses everything from caring for your physical health to your sex life. Some easy ways to promote physical self-love are to drink enough water, get enough sleep, work out a few times a week, and eat a varied, balanced diet.  

plus size beautiful african american woman is joyful when she exercises as part of her self love routine

However, beyond taking steps to improve your physical well-being, physical self-care can also involve meeting your sexual needs. Orgasms have many of the same benefits of self-love, such as relieving stress. Plus, orgasms often make people feel happier, ecstatic, more relaxed, and can even improve sleep. 

Thankfully, you don’t need a $300 sex toy to get a good, fulfilling orgasm. Whether you use a tried and true sex toy, your hands, or the help of a partner, making sure to fulfill your sexual needs is an important part of self-love that you can continue to fulfill when budgeting. 

Emotional Self-Love 

Emotional self-love focuses on helping you understand, accept, and work through your emotions. Often, many of us ignore or try to avoid negative emotions. A good emotional self-love routine can include anything from therapy appointments to daily journaling to simply allowing yourself to feel your emotions and crying when you need to. 

sexually aware african american woman journalling her thoughts to practice self love

Letting out your emotions in a healthy way is something everyone should practice. Orgasms and sex can also help improve emotional well-being. Whether feeling angry, depressed, or anxious, orgasms release several chemicals and hormones that promote happier and calmer feelings such as dopamine and oxytocin. 

Spiritual Self-Love 

Spiritual self-love is going to look incredibly different for everyone. People of different religions cultivate their relationship with spirituality in many different ways. Though, even those who are not religious can improve their spiritual self-love. It is not always tied to religion and does not have to be. 

If you are religious, praying, meditation (which also improves emotional and mental self-love), and going to a religious event or service are great for helping to improve your spiritual self-love. For those who are not religious, there are many ways to connect with your spiritual self. Whether it be yoga, meditation, researching religions, or finding your own like-minded community, feeling like you are spiritually grounded is an important aspect of self-love.  

body positive female practicing mindfulness at home and understanding that just because she is on a budget she does not need to compromise on self love

Mental & Intellectual Self-Love 

Everyone needs mental stimulation. For many, our jobs or hobbies help to fulfill this, but it is important to also cultivate intellectual and mental self-love when we do not have obligations or incentives. This could include doing a crossword puzzle, reading in the evenings, or learning a new skill.  

Of course, working on the other types of self-love can help improve mental and intellectual self-love as well. In fact, reading this article and learning about self-love could be part of your mental and intellectual self-love routine. It does not have to take up a bunch of time, but just needs to be mentally stimulating. 

Social Self-Love 

Even the most introverted people need social connection. The internet has made this much easier and improving your social relationships can have a major impact on how you feel about yourself and the state of the world. Eating meals with friends or family, creating a good work-life balance, and choosing people who support you and your goals are all fantastic examples of social self-love. 

Social self-love can also tie into physical self-love and sexual fulfillment. Connecting with someone sexually can be a profound social experience. People 

Back view of lesbian happy couple waking up in morning, sitting on bed, stretching in cozy bedroom, looking through window.

who practice healthy social self-love often have an easier time setting boundaries in the bedroom and communicating exactly what they want. 


What Makes Sex Toys So Expensive? 

Sex and masturbation are important ways to love yourself. However, if you do not want to, cannot, or feel uncomfortable using your hands, a sex toy can help make masturbation easier. Though, quality, body-safe sex toys can be hundreds of dollars and come with exorbitant shipping costs. On the other hand, cheap sex toys often use unsafe or unhealthy materials. 

The best sex toy materials are often medical-grade and not exactly inexpensive to produce. However, many sex toys mark up their toys significantly from the initial cost of the materials. When it comes to vibrators or specialized sex toys, the motors or other mechanical components also contribute to the cost. 

Next, sex toys are considered niche products. Even though data estimates that 82% of women in the United States own a sex toy, many companies consider the market limited. This can sometimes drive up costs. 

Finally, newer sex toys have USB and even Bluetooth capabilities. They also may be water resistant, come with warranties, or even be medically studied. All of these features can increase the cost of certain sex toys. 

Tips For Cutting Costs On Sex Toys 

At Erosscia, our sex toy was designed to be both durable and cost effective. Instead of placing a motor in our toys, we took advantage of one that many people already own, an electric toothbrush. Creating our toys as electric toothbrush vibrator attachments significantly reduced our costs. Additionally, by not valuing a phallic design and valuing the discreet nature of the toy, we can use fewer materials without resorting to cheap or unsafe ones. 

Investing in an Erosscia sex toy involves a one-time purchase, but several different ways to pleasure yourself. Our toys are versatile and suitable for insertion into any orifice and also for external stimulation. Erosscia toys are also great as a personal massager and relieving tense muscles. 

Otherwise, you can consider cutting costs on sex toys by making homemade sex toys. If you do this though, ensure you are doing so safely. Always cover it with a condom and only use sturdy objects that are not going to break apart or that have small parts. 

Other Ways To Self-Love On A Budget 

As extensively discussed, masturbation and sex are not the only ways to cultivate self-love. There are several other low-cost or free ways to love yourself and find pleasure. A few examples include: 

  • Read an erotic novel 
  • Try your hand at writing a sexy story 
  • Learn new ways to pleasure your partner 
  • Sext 
  • Explore yourself in new environments (the bathtub, kitchen, car, etc.) 
  • Have a night in by yourself 
  • Frequently have discussions with your partner(s) about your sexual desires and needs 
  • Promote open communication in your relationships 
  • Open yourself up to new ideas and experiences 
  • Prioritize your sexual health by regularly undergoing STI testing (often free or low cost) 

Erosscia: A Budget-Friendly, Durable Sex Toy 

Erosscia is an affordable sex toy that will last years. It can go everywhere with you and is exceptionally versatile. When on a budget, you must identify the right sex toy for your needs. While the sex toy industry largely caters to straight, white, cisgender, able-bodied women, our sex toys accommodate every one of all gender identities, sexual identities, and racial identities. 

This is why we choose to forego the traditional overly masculine-looking and phallic sex toy. It is simply overdone and not necessary for finding pleasure. Thus, our sex toy is designed to be ideal for delivering the best orgasm. Whether it be a woman’s orgasm or that of a man or a non-binary person, Erosscia makes it easy to sexually love yourself. 

To learn more about our products and purchase, visit our online store. 


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Subscribing to our newsletter not only gives you a chance to win, but also ensures you're always in the know about our latest blogs & promotions.