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How To Use Sex Toys Creatively! (Including Some Ways You’ve Never Thought Of Before) 

If you’ve ever bought a vibrator, you may notice some come with warning labels or extremely specific instructions on how and where to use it. While we advocate for always using devices as they are intended, especially if using a toy such as kegel balls or vibrators for medical purposes. However, if just using it for fun, there are ways you can safely experiment with your sex toys with a partner or alone. 

3 Ways To Use A Vibrator Creatively 

Vibrators are probably one of the most versatile sex toys. There is a reason they are so popular and have become a household staple. They can be used alone, with a partner, as a medical device, inside the body, or outside the body. Vibrator users have nearly endless options. However, there are still a few ways to use a sex toy in new ways. 

#1: Orally 

Vibrators are generally used only for external stimulation or penetration of the vagina or anus. The mouth offers a new possibility for the bedroom and one that will likely make a partner go wild. Turn the vibrator on or keep it off, have a partner control it or fly solo, there are endless ways to make this work for a bit of sexy foreplay. 

Like a blowjob, inserting a vibrator orally can be incredibly sexy. However, just like with a real penis, we recommend putting a condom on it first. The reason for this is because most vibrators probably won’t taste good, or may take on a plastic taste. They are also generally not meant to go in the mouth, so this adds an extra layer of protection. Use flavored condoms for an extra treat! 

#2: Erogenous Zone Stimulation 

Several areas of the body can provide sexual stimulation far from the genitals. Some are obvious such as the nipples and thighs. Others though are less intuitive such as the neck, armpits, and lower stomach. Have a partner turn on the vibrator and slowly glide down your body, or focus on particular spots.  

Erosscia Allore and Okamei are the top G spot vibrator and rabbit vibrator that turns your electric toothbrush into the best vibrator for a woman’s orgasm

The pleasant vibrations are an amazing form of foreplay and are often surprisingly effective. Some people will even use their vibrators as a massager in a completely non-sexual way. 

#3: Double Penetration 

For this form of pleasure, you will need two sex toys (or a sex toy and a partner). While the term “double penetration” usually refers simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration, it can involve the mouth, anus, or vagina. From there, the logistics are pretty straightforward. Use one vibrator yourself and have a partner use the other (or themselves). The combination of two types of penetration can lead to amazing orgasms. 

If you plan to use a vibrator anally, make sure it has a base. You want to make sure you can easily retrieve it. With the Erosscia vibrators, the toothbrush serves as a base just ensure the vibrator attachment is firmly secured to the toothbrush base. 


3 Ways To Use A Butt Plug Creatively 

Butt plugs are sex toys specifically designed for insertion into the anus. They should have a flared base of some kind to make removal easy (you do not want a trip to the ER because you used something not meant for anal penetration and now it’s stuck). Butt plugs are unique because they sometimes require training the muscles of the sphincter to relax. This allows a person to slowly work up to larger butt plugs. If you’re an experienced butt plugger, here are a few new ways to use the toy. 

#1: Temperature Play 

Depending on the material of your butt plug, it may be possible to warm or cool it slightly. This can provide a new sensation when it is inserted. It is possible to find butt plugs made specifically for this purpose such as those with a warming function. If you plan to do the warming or cooling yourself, do so carefully. 

First, do not overdo it. You do not want the plug too warm or too cold. If in doubt, let it set at room temperature until it feels just barely cooler or warmer than your body temperature. 

#2: Go For A Walk 

Butt plugs–once inserted–can absolutely be hidden beneath clothing without anyone noticing. It can be thrilling to go out for a walk or run a quick errand while a butt plug is inserted. You can also get your partner involved in this too. Sometimes the pure knowledge of what you are hiding beneath your clothes is enough to get them in the mood. 

Like vibrators, there are butt plugs that allow another person to control it. Regardless, going out with a butt plug inserted can be a lot of fun for those who like the idea of public sex or having a secret only they and their partner know. 


#3: Make It Kinky 

Because a butt plug is a totally hands-free sex toy, this frees up a partner to control it. Perhaps you play a game where how long you wear the plug depends on some outside factor. For example, the number of texts you get or if you let out a moan. Another fun idea is to both wear plugs and make it a competition to see who has to wear their plug the longest. 

There are endless ways to make butt plugs kinkier. From roleplaying to vibrating plugs, they are surprisingly versatile considering they are designed for only one specific orifice. 


3 Ways To Use An Erosscia Vibrator Creatively 

Erosscia vibrators are different from other types of vibrators in a number of ways. The longer length from the end of the toothbrush to the end of the attachment allows you to get even more creative. You can also take advantage of Erosscia’s sleek design on any part of the body. Here are three ways to use your Erosscia vibrator creatively. 

#1: Different Positions 

This suggestion may not seem totally creative. However, Erosscia’s extra long base (aka the handle of the electric toothbrush) can accommodate some positions a normal vibrator could not. Stand up, sit down, bend over, or do whatever else feels right. This can stimulate new sensations and make things feel different if you insert it into the vagina or anus because it changes the angle of the G-spot (or P-spot) and can make it a game to find it. 

#2: Shower Time 

The Erosscia vibrator–because it attaches to a rechargeable toothbrush–is waterproof. (If your toothbrush takes batteries, do not use it in the shower). While many other vibrators are waterproof to an extent, you can even use Erosscia in the tub as long as you do not submerge the toothbrush base. 

two women out for a walk laugh happily knowing they are wearing butt plugs and will experience creative sex in the field by the haystack erosscia is pleasure reimagined

Experiment with the temperature of the water or get a partner involved. Even small changes in the environment of the shower or bath can completely change the experience. The shower offers the perfect, controllable environment to try all this out. 

#3: Edge Yourself 

Edging refers to bringing yourself or a partner to the brink of orgasm and then slowing the pace or removing the toy. It is easier with a partner, but with Erosscia’s ease of use, you can try it out on yourself. 

First, start off normally. As you feel an orgasm building, remove the vibrator just before your orgasm. You can also leave just the tip in or completely turn it off. There are multiple ways to edge yourself with an Erosscia vibrator. It may take some practice to get it exactly right, but if you like a challenge, learning to edge yourself is the perfect creative task. 


Getting Creative With Your Sex Toys & Erosscia Vibrators 

Creativity is not limited to outside the bedroom. If sex or masturbation is simply not fun or exciting anymore, get creative and think about things that excite you or new ways to use what you already have. However you choose to use your sex toys just make sure it is safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. While this article focused on vibrators and butt plugs, all sex toys have their creative uses. From restraints to cock rings to dildos, there are new ways to use them that you likely have not thought about. 


2 sensual lesbain women stimulate each others erogenous zones erosscia is pleasure reimagined


The entire philosophy behind Erosscia is to reimagine pleasure and get creative. Using a toothbrush as a vibrator takes some ingenuity, but we were certainly not the first to think of it. Erosscia simply innovated upon the idea to make it easier and more accessible, especially while traveling or needing to be discreet about your sex toys. 

Erosscia currently offers three electric toothbrush attachments to explore your creativity with. The Allore is a traditional vibrator, but without an obvious phallic shape. The Ceola takes on the shape of the wand vibrator which is perfect for clit orgasms, but is not limited to clitoral stimulation. Finally, the Okamei is Erosscia’s take on the rabbit vibrator which is a well-loved favorite because of the many ways (and places) you can use it. 

To learn more or purchase your Erosscia, visit our online shop. 


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Subscribing to our newsletter not only gives you a chance to win, but also ensures you're always in the know about our latest blogs & promotions.