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Sexting for 6 Relationship Types that are better than a Valentine’s Day Card


If you have never sent a sext before, there is no more perfect time to start than this Valentines Day 💓💕💖.   

We all know how overdone Valentine’s Day can become and depending on the type of relationship you are in  your message over text can be creative and hot. Need some inspiration? Erosscia has created sexting ideas for your relationship type that can dramatically improve the outcome of your Valentine’s Day this year! 

Sexting is a great way for both of you to experience emotions and physical arousal.  It doesn’t have to just be pictures though, Sexting is all about being playful and imaginative in the moment with what you are feeling.  As Erosscia is all about being playful, this Valentine’s Day share your passionate thoughts, stories and pictures not just on February 14th — create the energy leading up to the big day.  You can share them when that thought when it happens. Like with anything Erosscia promotes, please ensure that your sexting is consensual.  Sexting is hot, exciting and playful when its consensual… when it’s not it’s not 🙁 

LDR : Long Distance Relationship 

Last night I came 💦 so hard thinking about you  👩 

Do you know that I imagine you when I masturbate? ✊🍆 💦

I miss your eyes.  I miss your smile.  I miss your laugh…but more of all I miss you inside me 🍆 

I wish I could just have a recording of your voice so that I can listen to it when you’re not here. Just hearing you in pleasure would be so hot when I’m trying to pleasure myself 💋





NSA : No Strings Attached 

Can you help me with something in the bedroom? 😈🍆🍓🍒🍑

I need you. So bad. Right now. 😈 

You’re definitely getting laid tonight 🍓🍆

Want to play a Valentine’s Day game 💓🍆🍒🍑


FWB : Friends With Benefits 

You look so hot , I’m thinking about when we get home, we’re going to 💑👄💥💦 

Will you be my Valentine 💘? The job starts tonight. Benefits include lots and lots of sex 🍆🍓🍒🍑

You are my favorite thing to “do  💦💨🍆🍓

I’ve got something planned for Valentine’s.  I think you’ll like it  🍆🎁🎇⛳


DTF & DTE – Down To F*** / Everything 

Guess what’s for dinner?  You. 👅 🍆 

What’s the hottest thing I can do for you this Valentine’s 💘? 😛😈 🌋🌏

You’re going to do exactly what I say.  Do you understand? 😈 

Tease me until I’m begging for it 💀 🌮

Spank me. 🍑  Bite me. Brand me.  Make me yours. 😈


TLC : Tender Loving Care 

All I want for Valentines Day 💘 is you…in my bed  

Be naked when I get home 🍌🍩

I just want you in my arms tonight, tomorrow, and forever  👄💜💖💕💞

Pleasing you is my Valentine’s treat  💝🌋

LTR : Long Term Relationship 

I have a present 🎁 for you. Why don’t you come see what it is? 💖 🦴

I know neither of us like Valentine’s Day, but why don’t we come up with our own tradition — having the raunchiest sex possible? 💋😈💗🌋

I want you thinking of me.  I want your eyes on me.  I want your hands on me. I want all of  you. 😈 🍒🍑🍆

Let’s skip the fancy dinner and go straight to bed  📤📥📤📥💘


Valentines Teaser Sext Ideas 

With Valentine’s this year falling on a Sunday, it can often be that weekend day off — remember before COVID weekends were different from the other days 😉  This year why not start your sexting campaign on Thursday.  Build the excitement for a few days before the big one.    Here are some ideas for you to try as playful teasing to build up some awesome sexual tension beginning on Thursday. 


Thursday February 11th 

Roses 🌹are red, violets  are blue — what do you want me to do to you? 😈 


Friday February 12th 

I’m gonna make you cum so many times you’re gonna wish it wasn’t Valentine’s 💓Day.  

Saturday February 13th 

First you are going to get down on your knees…👅🍆🍓😈 


Sunday February 14th 

Its finally Valentine’s 💘 Day…can’t wait to make you beg for it! 💋👅👌 


So what about the other 364 days?  

If you enjoyed the results any of these sexting opportunities don’t leave it a whole year before you experiment again.  Sexting can be as playful and as hot as you want it to be and most importantly keep bringing that experimental curiosity to the bedroom. Erosscia is the expert in exploration with 3 luxurious vibrators that attach to the head of your electric toothbrush.

It doesn’t have to be February for you to enjoy feeling naughty! 


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