Suffering Jet lag? Have an Orgasm

You wake up at your holiday destination. You’ve been saving all year for this big escape and you’re all set for a fantastic experience. Tomorrow is already jam-packed full of activities. But right now you’re completely and utterly sleep deprived.  If you can’t keep your eyes open, how on Earth can you enjoy the sights and sounds?

You’re suffering from jet lag. And fortunately for you, something you already love to do could help.

You’ll probably recognise melatonin as one of the chemicals released in the brain that helps you to fall asleep. Dr Avidan, who directs the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center explains: Our body clock is driven by exposure to light and dark, and traveling across time zones obviously disrupts the rhythms that we’re used to. This suggests that, with no sunset to signal the brain and body that it’s time to shut off, any traveller with jet lag needs something different and possibly more adventurous as a cure.

Darkness isn’t the only thing that brings on the release of melatonin. Recent studies have shown that melatonin is often released in parallel with the release of oxytocin during orgasm. In addition, Scienceline suggests that stress levels are lowered by oxytocin- the touch chemical, so an orgasm will leave you feeling relaxed and possibly ready for sleep.[1] It will of course also benefit you in other ways.

The question remains of how to achieve this orgasm, especially if you’re a single traveller. You might not want to find a hook-up. Maybe you’ve left your significant other at home. No worries – if you’re used to relying on traditional vibrators for your orgasm needs, there’s a better solution.

The Allore, made by Erosscia, is an innovative new vibrator which attaches directly onto most types of Sonicare® or Oral-B® rechargeable toothbrushs. Due to this design, the Allore is highly discrete. It is also reasonably priced, as it utilizes the motor component of your electric toothbrush rather than an inbuilt motor. The fact that it is rechargeable will make your trip run smoother. It is elegant in appearance and touch, as well as being body safe, so you don’t have any worries. Most importantly, the Allore provides an intense touch experience that will leave you profoundly satisfied.

Whether you’ve travelled eastwards or westwards, the best timing for your jet lag cure orgasm will vary. You’ll likely reset your body more quickly if you aim to release melatonin in line with recommendations.  According to Avidan, for westward travel, melatonin is most needed during the later part of the night. If you’ve traveled east, then a burst of melatonin from a sensational orgasm would benefit you most at your new, local bedtime.[2]

While you can still use all the ordinary means of jet lag cure, adding the rechargeable Eroscia Allore vibrator to your travel kit might be a solution that surprises you with its effectiveness. If you’re looking for a product that is discrete, body-safe and always ready to use, you can’t be disappointed with the Allore. Not only will it help you fall asleep and stay asleep; with this luxury sex toy you’ll be treating yourself to an explosion of pleasure to begin your trip.

Sonicare® is a registered trademark of Koninklijke Philips N.V. and Philips Oral Healthcare, Inc. in the United States and other countries


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