Top 5 End of Summer Sexy Must Do’s

Scientists have confirmed what we already knew, the summer months really are the sexiest months 😈. Swimsuits, gauze tops, cool drinks, beaches and pools are just as hot as the temperatures. All that increased Vitamin D boosts female libido and reduces depression, so it’s no wonder more people have sexier Summers, after all no-one ever said they wanted a winter fling? 😊


Celebrate your Sexual Independence this July 4th

As America is busily getting ready to celebrate all the unique freedoms they enjoy this July 4th, from fireworks, parades and concerts to family gatherings and barbeques; here at Erosscia we want to encourage women globally to celebrate a unique freedom that every woman can give to herself – their sexual independence. So what does it mean to be sexually independent? Well, fundamentally it means that you have freed yourself from the opinions of others and you live your life according to your own sexual vibe. It can also mean that you feel liberated enough to express yourself sexually and confidently in whatever way you want with no shame! Feeling free to enjoy expressing yourself in whatever way feels right and celebrating your body shape and pleasure is uniquely your own sexual independence!


A Step-By-Step Guide To Using Your Electric Toothbrush As A Sex Toy 

Wait, you can use your electric toothbrush as a sex toy? Isn’t that unhygienic? Does anyone really do that? Well, the answers are: yes, not if you do it right, and yes! Throughout history, people have used various everyday objects as sex toys. Since traditional vibrators became popular, people of all genders have enjoyed their gentle vibrations both externally and internally.


The Best Way to Relieve Holiday Stress… Masturbate

‘Tis the season for sweatpants and oversized sweaters to be a totally acceptable everyday look. It’s also the season for seeing your relatives, which can be a source of alternating joy and stress for many of us. We would understand if masturbation was the last thing on your mind… yet also if it was the first. While you’re basking in the spirit, making time for self-pleasure is a very effective way to breathe, relax, and reconnect with yourself in difficult moments.


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