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The Top 7 Sex & Sex Toy Questions Asked In Latin America 

Sex is one of the universal aspects of life that connect everyone. Regardless of race, gender identity, geographic region, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic class, sex connects us. Whether it be personal feelings about sex, masturbation, or simply, sex, everyone will be impacted by sex in some way. 

Due to sex being universal, sex toys are as well. While not everyone wants to or does utilize them, they are important enough that some countries have made laws banning them. Others have specific sex shops where an array of toys are available for purchase on any day. Historically, sex toys have existed, well, pretty much as long as sex has. Ancient sex toys have been found around the world including in Greece, Japan, China, and Germany, along with several others. 

Thus, people all around the world have questions about sex and sex toys. Taking to search engines, it is easy to find countless questions about sex and sex toys. We have decided to answer some of the most commonly asked questions from countries and regions. We have decided to start with Latin America because October encompasses half of National Hispanic Awareness Month and the Day of the Dead celebrations towards the end of the month. 

Latin America & Sex Toys 

For the most part, Latin America has a fairly open policy when it comes to sex toys. No Latin American country specifically bans sex toys altogether, but four countries Uruguay, Venezuela, Paraguay, and Ecuador do have laws limiting or banning their import. However, in comparison to countries with full-on bans, the laws are much more relaxed. Still, anyone traveling to these countries or wanting to buy sex toys online in these countries may need to use caution or rethink it altogether. 

Latin America does, overall, have a more traditional and conservative view on sex due to the influence of religion and cultural norms. As an extremely large, varied, and diverse collection of countries, attitudes around sex and sex toys drastically differ from country to country. Studies have shown more openness about sex and sexual topics in Argentina, Uruguay (even despite the importation regulations), and Chile. Countries with more conservative views on sex and sex toys include Guatemala, Venezuela, and Honduras. 

The Questions 

Now, onto the questions! Several of these questions are also frequently asked elsewhere in the world, but have a higher volume in Latin America. 

How To Create A Sex Toy? 

If you search this question, you will find a variety of homemade dildos created from household items. It’s not uncommon for someone to use a phallic-shaped object as a dildo. Some examples include wrapping a cucumber in a condom, the end of a makeup brush, and TV remotes. For vibration, some people will use phone apps, massaging devices, and electric toothbrushes (more on that in a second). 

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While many people use homemade sex toys to masturbate, they are not as safe as well-designed sex toys made specifically to be sex toys. They are also single-use and harder to maneuver than a toy made specifically for masturbation. There is also significantly more risk of getting the sex toy stuck or injuring yourself. 

Creating your own sex toy does not have to be difficult. As mentioned earlier, many people desperate for an orgasm or some stress relief, may turn to their electric toothbrush as a makeshift vibrator. This actually is not entirely a bad idea. The vibrations from an electric toothbrush are ideal for a woman’s orgasm as well as stimulating any part of the body on anyone. 

Erosscia made an electric toothbrush vibrator attachment. It maintains the hygienic sanctity of the toothbrush head while also providing a vibrator for traveling and on-the-go. 

Can A Sex Toy Give You An STD? 

Sexually transmitted diseases (now called sexually transmitted infection, or STIs) are a concern when having sex with multiple partners. However, it would seem that using sex toys would eliminate this risk of sex, but the answer to this question depends on a few factors and how you are using your sex toy.  

First, if you share your sex toy with others, it can pass STIs between two people if the toy is not properly cleaned between users. Even if using a toy on your own, it is possible to cause UTIs or yeast infections (though these are not STIs) if not properly cleaned when moved from one orifice to another, or consistently not cleaned. 

Additionally, some people prefer to use condoms with their toys. As long as the condom is replaced, this reduces the risk of any infection from a sex toy, including shared ones. Though, if using a body safe sex toy, it is safe to insert into the body without a condom.  

Other toys not made from body safe material may harbor more germs, even after cleaning them. This can preserve infections and pass them even after cleaning. Ensure you are always using body safe sex toys. 

How Do You Use Sex Toys? 

Sex toys can have several different ways to use them. Each toy will come with instructions on the proper way to use that specific toy. With Erosscia sex toys, they are body safe vibrators that are suitable for use inside and outside of the body. Therefore, there is almost no wrong way to use one of Erosscia’s toys.  

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Thus, regardless of anatomy, using an electric toothbrush vibrator from Erosscia is easy and safe. Using a sex toy is not always intuitive, but Erosscia worked to make their all of their vibrators, including their rabbit vibrator easy to use. 

Is Anal Sex Bad? 

Anal sex, unfortunately, often comes with a stigma. For many years, it was associated only with sex between gay men (even though it was surely happening other relationships too). Therefore, the stigma associated with the LGBT community passed onto anal sex.  

The truth is: anal sex can be good for everyone. Straight couples, gay couples, and even lesbian couples all partake in and enjoy anal sex. Sometimes–like in the case of lesbian sex–a sex toy may be needed to help facilitate this process. 

Anal sex is not bad. Of course, it is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, which is totally fine. But, if you’ve always been interested in anal sex, but do not know where to start, using a sex toy is a great option. Erosscia–while it is a sex toy attachment for your toothbrush–can be used without the added vibrations. It is thin, non-phallic, and completely body safe, making it perfect for your anal explorations. 

How Do You Use A Rabbit Vibrator? 

Rabbit vibrators are specific shape of vibrator that stimulates the g-spot and clitoris. Typically, there will be two parts of a rabbit vibrators, somewhat shaped like rabbit ears.

sexy blonde woman prepares to use her Erosscia rabbit vibrator Okamei

One of the “ears” is usually smaller than the other. This small portion is for clit stimulation while the larger head is meant for inserting into the vagina. While this is the most common usage of a rabbit vibrator, it can be used on other areas of the body to stimulate erogenous zones during insertion. 

How Do You Clean Sex Toys? 

The right way to clean a sex toy depends on the type of sex toy it is and what it is made out of. For traditional dildoes, they are generally safe to put in boiling water which effectively disinfects it. Before placing it in the boiling water, rinse it off or gently wipe off the toy. You can also most quality sex toy cleaners on a dildo. 

Vibrators are more difficult to clean because you have to preserve the motor. You cannot submerge normal vibrators. In this case, each company recommends slightly different protocols based on their products. However, there are often specific cleaners you can use. A damp hand towel, sex toy cleaner, and water should suffice.  

Erosscia is not your typical vibrator. Instead of including a motor as part of the toy itself, all of Erosscia’s toys are attachments. They can safely be submerged and cleaned like a traditional dildo which makes them a healthy sex toy option. 

Can Sex Toys Be Delivered to Latin America? 

It depends on your country. For the majority of Latin American countries, there are no problems. For the aforementioned countries that have importation bans or limitations, it may be difficult, if not impossible to order sex toys online. However, each country’s policy is different and if you live in one of these countries, it is best to check the official documentation. Otherwise, Erosscia ships to Latin American countries including Mexico. 

Pleasure Reimagined All Around The World 

Erosscia is a new generation of sex toy. As an electric toothbrush attachment, Erosscia’s toys are some of the best vibrators for beginners. We ship all around the world and want to help everyone find pleasure in their own way. Whether it means a g-spot vibrator or something more versatile, Erosscia is pleasure reimagined.  

Your vibrator attachment will arrive in unmarked packaging and is kept completely discreet. To order your Erosscia sex toy, visit our online store and follow us on Instagram @erosscia 




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Subscribing to our newsletter not only gives you a chance to win, but also ensures you're always in the know about our latest blogs & promotions.