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Top 5 End of Summer Sexy Must Do’s

Scientists have confirmed what we already knew, the summer months really are the sexiest months 😈. 

Swimsuits, gauze tops, cool drinks, beaches and pools are just as hot as the temperatures. 

All that increased Vitamin D boosts female libido and reduces depression, so it’s no wonder more people have sexier Summers, after all no-one ever said they wanted a winter fling? 😊

#5 Sex Outdoors

Being outside frees us to experience erotic attraction, adventure and primal desire.  Whether it’s under the stars or on the beach – sex outdoors is hot.

Let all 5 senses enjoy the experience of being outdoors, freeing you to some blissful orgasms that will be the highlight of your summer!

Just because you are going outside doesn’t mean you can’t take toys and lube with you. 

Along with protection don’t forget to take a blanket so you are not pulling sand or twigs out of places they don’t belong! 

Location always matters – you want to be creative but smart about where you choose to have sex, so you don’t get busted.  Yep we’ve legalized marijuana but somehow being sexy is still lewd conduct in most places. 

Wear easily accessible clothes so you can get busy quickly, this is a time when less underwear is so much better and oh so much hotter 😈

sexy latin american couple make love in the back seat of a convertible car


#4 Indulge in Temperature Play

A long sweltering summer is the perfect time to play with ice and turn up the heat at the same time!  

Even if BDSM is not your thing, most of us can get excited using a blindfold to heighten our skin’s sensation of cold to stimulate an erotic reaction.


Our neurotransmitters are triggered when we play with hot or cold sensations.  Adding a blindfolded makes it hotter as we get aroused by the unpredictability of where your partner is going to choose to touch you with the ice. 

Temperature play is so easy for couples to enjoy – ice cubes are awesome melted in the mouth first as they prepare the receiver to experience extra stimulation when you roll the melted cube down their body.  Those silicone ice molds come in some awesome shapes, yet a popsicle is still the most fun… and almost as tasty as your partner 😋.


#3 Romantic Getaways

Let’s keep it real, spontaneously escaping on a romantic getaway has gotten a lot more complicated in the last few months. 

Being creative you and your partner can still enjoy some incredible new places together if you keep wellness and safety in mind. 

loving african american couple drive in an open convertible car in the summer sun erosscia is pleasure reimagined

Escaping to an eco-cabin or a lakeside cottage is a chill escape from the city and with restaurants delivering more these days, you can enjoy some sexy nights under the stars.

You are already bringing your electric toothbrush, so don’t forget to pack its sexy attachments head for fun surprises 🙂

Bring candles (the LED ones are easy), wine or your favorite beverage, some massage oil, and pampering toiletries to make the trip extra special.

#2 Skinny Dipping 

Sizzling lazy days spent poolside offer so many sexy summer moments and nude swimming is one of the most erotic.  

We have all seen some incredibly hot and steamy pool sex on the big screen, so this is your chance to act out your fantasies. 

Pro tip: condoms do not like chlorinated pools and water washes away any natural lube.  So, mix up your naked time in the pool or lake and then also fool around just after skinny dipping as long as no-one is looking!  

Our travel-friendly vibrators are 100% waterproof! You should definitely bring your Erosscia on holiday to spice up the experience!


naked couple on a beach erosscia is pleasure reimagined


#1 Sex on the Beach

It’s everyone’s fantasy: Hot passionate sex on a sun-setting beach in the cool evening breeze. 

If you are fortunate enough to have a deserted beach then lucky you, but most couples choose a quick love-making session under the cover of darkness or their beach blanket.

Sand can be very abrasive to sensitive body parts so throw down a beach towel and get creative with your positions.  It pays to know what the tide will be doing at your chosen time of day, so you don’t get a surprise, and remember to go take a dip in the ocean for easy clean-up afterward!


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