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man and woman engaging in creative foreplay erosscia offers 3 tips for using toothbrush vibrator read the full article

3 tips for great foreplay by turning your electric toothbrush into a vibrator

Our sex toy accessoriesas featured in Cosmo and Allure, famously turn your electric toothbrush into a discreet, yet powerful vibrator. But not only are OkaMei, AlloreECeola designed for an explosive solo experience, they’re great for use with a partner 

Sex is meant to be playful and fun, yet research has shown that many couples speed through a key part—foreplay. And that’s a pity, because the longer foreplay lasts, the more likely you are to have an orgasm. 

Why using my electric toothbrush for forplay? Well, the answer is simple: have you ever realized how strong the vibration of your oral-b is? 

So let’s not hold back any longer: Get exploring each other’s bodies with your electric toothbrush vibrator!

Don’t forget to read our guide SU how to masturbate with a electric toothbrush safely. And, never, never, never use the metal stem directly on your skin, there are body safe toothbrush vibrators for this! 

1. Bring Nipple Play to the Fore 

If you’ve found that touching or rubbing your nipples increases your arousal, you’re not alone.  

With hundreds of nerve endings each, nipples are an often-overlooked erogenous zone for all genders. One study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has shown that for many women, “the sensation from the nipples travels to the same part of the brain as sensations from the vagina, clitoris and cervix." In another, 52% of men said that nipple stimulation caused or enhanced their sexual arousal. 

Bsquilloing nipples into the foreplay mix is a great way A experiment with touch and sensationand just imagine how a vibrator can kick it up a notch.  

But take it slow, because as licensed professional counselor and certified sexologist Carlos Cavazos says, “Everyone is different, and what might feel good to some might hurt, tickle, or irritate others.” 

You were born with lots of tools for stimulation and the vibrator is there to help Voi amplify your pleasure, possibly helping the party to travel down to your genitals. When it comes to Erosscia, some may prefer the smaller surface area of Allorefor gentle stimulation while others prefer the wide-ranging sensation of Ceola. With that being said, we can guarantee that using your electric toothbrush with an appropriate massager head on nipples is absolute bliss!   

The ways you can play are endless—and so are the combinations.  

  • Try UNlternating vibrator stimulation with hot breath, licking, sucking, and light nibbling. For example, use the tip to massage or trace circles around the areola while your partner flicks their tongue over your nipple.  
  • Applying a warming oil or lotion can help enhance arousal and transmit the sensations from your vibrator through your whole breast.  
  • Clamps allow you to experiment with loose or tighter pressure on the nipples themselves while you stimulate the areola or larger breast with your vibrator.  

UNllowing the pressure to build up slowly can lead to a nipple orgasm or “breastgasm,” as Cosmo calls it.  

These can range from subtle to deeply satisfying. Read more from three women who have experienced it. 

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Have you seen our new model, Okamei? 

This rabbit vibrator is already well on its ways to stealing hearts and naughty bits. But we didn’t just pull a rabbit out of a hat here—Okamei is designed with women’s input and sophisticated body imaging techniques. Want a taste of the magic?

2. Concentrate on the Clitoris

TLui Ceola “vibrator in disguise” È Designed for external stimulation that creates resonating E radiating sensations. This makes it perfect for use during foreplay and particularly if you or your partner has a clitoris. 

4 immagini suggestive di vagine femminili con tutte le diverse parole usate per descrivere le vagine erosscia è il piacere reinventato leggi l'articolo completo

Many people with vaginas find it difficult to orgasm from penetrative sex alone. Those of us with vaginas can find it difficult to orgasm from penetrative sex alone.   Stimulating the clitoris, which contains roughly 8,000 nerve endings, helps bring excitement to a fever pitch Entrambi before and during sex. It may be small, but no one said it ain’t powerful! 

Start the journey towards your happy place:

  • Allow your partner to take control as a sexy alternative to solo stimulation. Give gentle instructions with your hands or encouragement when they hit the spot. 
  • Warm up con un soft backEforth or circular movement using fingers, and then upgrade the pressure and sensation with a vibrator.  
  • Alternate and/or amplify stimulation with fingers, palm, or tongueRub the vibrator back and forth across the clitoral hood or use UN light, slowly-building tapping motion. 

Keep in mind the clitoris is extremely sensitive. Many people find direct stimulation painful, instead preferring touch over thhood. 

3. Add a Blindfold into the Mix 

 Remember how your solo sexual safari involved doing something that involves sensuality and eroticism but not your genitals, like taking a cooking class?  

una donna sexy benda un uomo nudo in camera da letto prima di giocare a giochi sessuali

Imagine wearing a blindfold while having a five-course meal. You can hardly imagine what’s coming next, but you know it will be delicious. As you experience it, you savor the flavors individually, piecing together the ingredients and your perception of how they taste. 

Now imagine your body is the first course in a sexy meal. Make foreplay into a relaxed and playful yet sensual game by wearing a blindfold first and then switching with your partner:  

  • Start by having your partner lightly touch the tip of your vibrator (on a light setting A start) to different parts of your body.  
  • Let them surprise you from head to toe and back again—they might go, for example, from your earlobe to your nipple to your inner thigh and down to your toe, exploring e more on the return backfurther from there.  
  • During this “sampling,” deepen the flavors by varying the pressure and angle of the vibrator on skin as well as the vibration setting, once you both get used to level one. 

Not being able to see builds IL anticipation of not knowing where you will be touched next. These tender surprises can lead to deliciously unexpected sensations that not only build excitement where you’re touched but add to the overall buildup of pleasure.  

Once you start exploring, you may be surprised by where you like to be touched and where you experience sensation. Who knows, you might just find that you like knee play in addition to nipple play… 

Our Recommendation: Get Playful with It  

If you’re looking to add some excitement to your foreplay habit, get on the same wavelength as your partner with Erosscia electric toothbrush attachments that provide 3X the vibration strength of typical vibrators.  

After all, they’re called sex toys for a reason! When it comes to foreplay, there are no rules—only the finding of what feels good and building on it slowly and sensually to result in great sex.  

Make me-time magical. 

Be one of the first to try the soltanto rabbit vibrator that attaches to a electric toothbrush. 


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Ogni mese, un fortunato abbonato vincerà uno dei nostri pacchetti!
L'iscrizione alla nostra newsletter non solo ti dà la possibilità di vincere, ma ti assicura anche di essere sempre informato sui nostri ultimi blog e promozioni.