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femme sexy se prépare à voyager avec son vibromasseur Allore, car c'est l'un des meilleurs jouets sexuels pour voyager et l'un des vibromasseurs les plus faciles à mettre dans les bagages enregistrés

Voyager avec un vibromasseur – Les Essentiels

Tomorrow is the day; you’re finally flying away to new adventures! You’re opening your big suitcase and start adding your favorite clothes, your favorite items (like a cheeky travel vibrator), and finally the things you really need! 

Then, like 90% of women traveling with a sex toy, you might have this natural reaction: “Mmm… Is it actually safe to travel with Mr. Wiggles? 

Erosscia Allore in a packed suitcase ready for travel because it is one of the best sex toys to travel with and one of the easiest vibrators to put in checked luggage

The answer is “In most cases, yes, but sometimes no”. And if you don’t want to find yourself having an awkward conversation with airport security about your sex toy, read what we have to say, or buy yourself an Érosscia, which is probably the safest traveling vibrator out there. It’s discreet, non-phallic, and does not take up much room in your luggage. 

1. Remove the battery

Vibrating luggage is a dead giveaway!  Go the extra step and remove the batteries from anything that vibrates. Yes, this also includes other items too. You don’t want airport security to open your bag for a shaver and then find out about your dildo.  

Remember that for TSA (Transportation Security Administration), something “mysteriously” vibrating in your luggage might be treated as a bomb. So, removing batteries removes the chance of bag inspection in general. 

Erosscia’s vibrators attach to your electric toothbrush which means they will not randomly vibrate and there is no battery to remove. Just make sure to keep your electric toothbrush under control and you should have no problems getting your favorite Erosscia toy through airport security. 

2. Bring a smaller toy

According to the TSA, “tools” with a length of 7 inches (about 17.5 cm) are suitable for carry-on luggage, which is quite big. Unless you’re very comfortable with showing off your toys, try to bring a small travel-friendly sex toy! Having your favorite vibrator popping on the security monitor with the security agents smiling at you can be very awkward.  

Of course, you can bring bigger vibrators in your checked luggage, but you need to make sure the countries you’re traveling to are okay with sex toys. 

There are several pocket-sized vibrators out there. From g spot vibratos the size of a lipstick to Erosscia’s sleek toothbrush attachment that measures 7 inches with TSA parameters. 

sexy african american woman has successfully travelled with her erosscia vibrator because its one of the best sex toys to travel with and one of the easiest vibrators to put in checked luggage


3. Countries’ laws regarding sex toys

While some countries have restrictions regarding sex toys, others totally ban them! Make sure you’ve done all the research before packing your vibrator. 

Erosscia has listed all the countries where you can get in trouble if you travel with a sex toy. We definitely recommend checking some of their “invisible” vibrators, like the Ceola, if you’re traveling to one of these countries where sex toys are banned. 


4. If you bring lube or a sex toy cleaner

Any lube you bring is subject to TSA liquid rules. Even though travel-size lubes are now available on the market, we recommend using a travel-size container. That way, no one would guess what’s inside your container. 

If you bring different liquids, remember the 3-1-1 liquid rule: You can only bring 1000ml with you, in one container or divided it into 2-3 smaller containers. 


5. Wrap it in a transparent bag

Why should it be transparent when you want to hide it? Good question! If airport security wants to see your vibrator, they’ll find it anyway. However, a transparent bag would allow them to see it without touching it, which keeps everything and everyone cleaner and happier. 

Also, since these searches are sometimes conducted in full view of other travelers, this makes the search quicker and less embarrassing for everyone involved. They may not even need to take your favorite rabbit sex toy out of your bag. 


6. LGBTQ+ travelers. Beware!

To all our LGBTQ+ travelers, we want you to travel freely and safely, so please take the extra step and research those countries that appear to be progressive or at least open to tourists but who shockingly still criminalize homosexuality. Many of these countries will charge a person a fine and then ask them to leave the country. UGH. 

exotic beach wedding and honeymoon for mixed same sex marriage erosscia is the most discreet vibrator for travel for full article

If you want to travel to one of these countries, be very discreet. Here are a few recommendations:  

  • No touching or kissing in public. 
  • No double beds in hotels, only twins.   
  • No vibrators in your bags, this would be too suspicious. 
  • Keep a low profile and travel in pairs or groups whenever possible. 
  • Research the areas and places to avoid beforehand. 
  • Stay or see the sites with a local friend. 
  • Consider an AirBnB for more privacy. 


Traveling With A Vibrator:   When Airport Security Opens Your Bags 

Play It Cool 

Whatever country you visit, airport security employees are trained to watch for uncomfortable or suspicious behavior.  If you are acting nervous or seem agitated, you simply increase your chances of having your luggage searched. 

funny woman gets ready to travel with her Erosscia Allore vibrator, because it is one of the best sex toys to travel with and one of the easiest vibrators to put in checked luggage

Remember, they just want to make sure you’re not carrying a bomb. They don’t want to punish you or make you feel ashamed. Let them do their job, it will take a minute and then you’re free! 

Also don’t think you’re the only one traveling with a sex toy here! These people see hundreds of sex toys every day, especially all manner of dildos and vibrators. 

If the worst-case scenario happens, make fun of the situation in your head, and relax. Owning a vibrator means you are in touch with yourself sexually and there is no shame in that, unless you allow someone else’s opinion to make you feel ashamed So, if your bag is searched, just stay calm and collected and tell the truth about your sex toys or vibrators.  

Own It 

If a TSA agent asks you what’s inside your bag, tell him straight: “This is my personal massager!”. This way, you may not be pulled aside for further questioning. And as mentioned before, they see sex toys every day! It’s basically routine to them and so they are unlikely to question you further. 

So, don’t be ashamed, you’re not perverse. Do you know how many people own a sex toy? We don’t know about the entire world, but in the US, 78% of the population does. Feeling better now?  


Traveling With A Vibrator: F.A.Q 

Still feeling uncertain about traveling with your sex toys and vibrators? We understand. So, to equip you with all that you need to know, we have created a list of frequently asked questions to send you and your sex toys safely on your way.   

Can I travel with my BDSM tools? 

As you understand from this article, traveling with a sex toy is okay, as long as the countries where you go allow it. It’s pretty much the same for BDSM toys, even though some airlines might be stricter and confiscate your items. 

The U.S doesn’t have any federal restrictions against BDSM tools, but other countries might. We recommend putting your items in your checked luggage since carry-ons are subject to stricter security and are more likely to be searched.  Also, avoid bringing toys that look too much like a weapon, such as large batons. 

How many sex toys can you travel with? 

As long as the country where you go allows it, there is no sex toy limit for traveling, even though they might find a suitcase loaded with sex toys very suspicious. Also, if in a sex toy friendly country, you can always buy some new toys there and ship them back afterward. 

What happens if you get caught with your sex toy on a plane? 

While having sex on a plane is a common fantasy, it’s something that only a few of us get to experience. Usually, only those on private or nearly empty planes can get away with sex on a plane without incurring significant risks. 

There is a big gap between traveling with a sex toy and actually using it on the plane. Indeed, like having sex in public, using a sex toy on a plane is punished by most countries. If you’re lucky, the stewardess might just laugh and leave you alone, but if you’re not, you might end up in prison, or pay a fine. Probably not worth it. 

Now that you’re an expert in traveling with sex toys. Time to pack your bags and choose your best travel buddy. 

Happy Travels! 


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Chaque mois, un abonné chanceux remportera l'un de nos packs !
L'abonnement à notre newsletter vous donne non seulement une chance de gagner, mais vous garantit également d'être toujours au courant de nos derniers blogs et promotions.