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The Best Rabbit Vibrator

The Erosscia Okamei rabbit vibrator is unlike anything on the market. Okamei turns your electric toothbrush into THE rabbit sex toy.  Never thought you could masturbate with your toothbrush, did you? 😈

Then we managed to get 2 different vibrations without any buttons or dials 🤯. This equals more vibration on the clitoris (where you really need it) and a little less on the more sensitive G spot. (when used with your Sonicare®)

We haven’t just pulled a rabbit out of a hat: Okamei’s shape has been optimized – bigger isn’t always better? 🤔 – to the unique magic of the female body with women’s input and body imaging. It will have you wanting to go down the rabbit hole at every turn.

Current shipping date: June 16th 2023


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An adult toy that provides G spot and clitoral stimulation with a sensuous profile and elegant tapered shape, Okamei will leave people guessing that it’s your rabbit vibrator… including airport security 😉. Okamei is the best toy to travel with, the perfect vibrator for packing in your suitcase or your carry-on.

Forget about homemade sex toys or DIY sex toys, Erosscia Okamei is more than body safe, made to medical grade invasive device standards.

Whether this is your first time using a vibrator or another to add to your collection, by using your electric toothbrush, you’ll feel 3x stronger vibrations than other vibrators – medically proven to stimulate nerve endings below the skin’s surface (when used with your Sonicare®)

(Toothbrush not included)

Erosscia is Pleasure Reimagined

Maximum diameter: approx. 1-inch | 25mm

Maximum circumference: approx. 3⅛ inches | 80mm

Length: approx. 7½ inches | 189mm

Rabbit length: approx. 1⅝ inches | 42mm

Rabbit circumference: approx. 1¼ inches | 33mm

Current shipping date: June 16th 2023

Additional information

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 2 in

Amethyst, Black, White

5 reviews for Okamei

  1. C.S., Ohio

    I have a few rabbits but they always end up on the bottom of my drawer untouched. They’re too big, too bulky, barely fit, and the clit stim part is in the wrong place or just enormous, so the rabbit is definitely not my favourite toy type. Up until recently… Let’s start with the fact that how sleek and light the Okamei is! It fits just fine and everything is placed where it should be.

    It’s a breath of fresh air compared to my other rabbits that probably weigh half a kilo. At first I was skeptical about how my toothbrush could make both ends work, but oh boy, it does! The clit stim part is a little stronger than the g-spot stim, but that’s exactly how I like it. Luckily I can adjust intensity on my toothbrush because on high intensity it’s crazy! Save that for the end if you want to make playtime last. Tldr.: I am blown away!

  2. Susan W, Vegas

    I think of my vibrators as close friends, who I like to see again and again. But after feeling a little bored with them I decided to add Okamei to my rabbit vibrator collection and honestly was somewhat dubious about how an attachment to my electric toothbrush would feel. I was blown away in the best possible way!

  3. LaToya, Detroit

    I love both my clit and g-spot touched, so I’m a big fan of rabbits. I thought I’d give the Okamei a try, I don’t know how they did it but my clit is still tingling and I feel warm inside. Perfect vibration without any work

  4. T.O, Sacramento

    OMG mind blown 🤯 I found some of the rabbit vibrators a little too big and clunky , size isn’t everything 😉. So I ordered an Okamei hoping it would be a better rabbit. I love the size, its really intense where I wanted it on my clit, and easy. Can’t wait to try their other models!

  5. RB, Phoenix

    OMG I don’t know how they did it! The vibrations on my clit are stronger than my g-spot and I don’t have to turn any knobs or dials. Who knew my electric toothbrush would be my best vibe!

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