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Erosscia Luxury Vibrator - Orgasmic Sex Toy For Intense Female Masturbation


Pleasure Reimagined

Creating Intense Orgasmic Sensations

Erosscia turns your rechargeable toothbrush into a luxury vibrator


No cords, no forgetting another charger. By using your rechargeable toothbrush motor you are eco friendly & reducing your footprint. Lithium & cobalt are finite, their extraction & disposal leads to environmental consequences. Using your underutilized toothbrush battery is better for the environment.

*Oral-B and Sonicare compatible heads.

X3 stronger

for toe curling orgasms

Paradigm-shifting luxury sex toy intimate pleasure, matches your passion with vibrations 3x the intensity of typical vibrators (with your Sonicare®), You'll achieve intense, blissful carefree sensations.


Constructed to medical grade FDA standards as a device for obstetrical & gynecological therapeutic use. Safe for contact with mucous membranes. Non-porous, can be sterilized or sanitized.

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Elegant Discreet Elegant Discreet


& Airport Security Embarrassment Proof

Innovative refined simple non-phallic design vibrators that eliminates embarrassment at airport inspections, or at home with kids or parents around.

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Entrepreneur Podcast Network (EPN) interview

:: Featured, Media

What caused Genoa and Steffan Martell to invent a brand of powerful toothbrush vibrator attachments? Listen in as Martell and host Eric Dye discuss how Erosscia banishes accidental discoveries (by their child!), boosts sexual inclusion, and brings customers (and Genoa) 3X the good vibes.

Couples Toy Store: Allore & Ceola by Erosscia

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Wondering how easy it is to turn your Oral-B and Sonicare toothbrushes into an exotic luxury vibrator? Watch The Couples Toy Store demonstrate how Allore and Ceola attachments work with different vibration speeds to stimulate all your–and your partner’s–erogenous zones.

Erosscia in Pink News

:: Featured, Media

Need a travel-friendly sex toy that evades the attention of airport security? Pink News recommends the Ceola vibrator attachment for your next holiday. Now you can pack endless self-pleasure opportunities by transforming your Sonicare toothbrush into a discreet vibrator.

Erosscia in Allure

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Erosscia has been featured in Allure. Is it time to upgrade your sex toy drawer? Allure seems to think so, and if one of the top rated women’s beauty magazines says so, then you have to check out their suggestion. They have assembled an interesting and sensual list of products you could use for your

Erosscia in Cosmopolitan

:: Cosmopolitan, Featured, Media

Erosscia has been featured in Cosmopolitan. One of the hottest women magazines of today, Cosmopolitan, recognized Erosscia as one of the “4 must pack o-cessories.” Featured in the Romps En Route article, this sexy and sassy piece is all about finding time to get it on while you’re on the go – no matter if



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