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Sexy female preparing to masturbate with Erosscia Allore attachment to an electronic toothbrush erosscia is pleasure reimagined

Watch how to Masturbate with your Electric Toothbrush to Orgasmic Bliss!

We know what you’re thinking: “Whaaat?”

That may then flow into “Umm, I don’t see that working.” Which then might transition into, “Hmm…”

Our hope is that by the end of this article, you’ll graduate to, “Wow, that sounds like an awesome idea.”

After all, no one could really blame you for thinking about using your electric toothbrush as a vibrator since it naturally, well, vibrates! This is the same reason that people make use of other “vibrators in disguise” like back or head massagers and removable shower heads. 

Still, it’s not a coincidence that a quick Google search for “how to masturbate with a electric toothbrush” yields results in three categories:

  1. Online forums with people seeking advice and validation for this underused technique
  2. Warnings against it (PSA: Never use the metal stem! There are some excellent body-safe toothbrush attachments available), and
  3. Cheerleaders of this method done right, like Scarleteen and Jezebel.

It’s necessary to know the facts around using your toothbrush as a vibrator and most importantly, how to do it safely so that you can have the most comfortable and pleasurable masturbation experience possible.

Bristles and Sensitive Tissues, Oh My!

One rule, NEVER USE THE METAL STEM directly on your skin! We probably don’t have to tell you that bristles hurt too. Safety and hygiene always come first. That means no reusing what can’t be thoroughly cleaned–at least if you want your dentist (or OBGYN) to turn that frown upside down at your next appointment! 

Make 100% sure your electric toothbrush is waterproof before using this anywhere near the wet stuff (we mean water, but of course be mindful of body fluids too).

If you really want to know what it feels like to use bristles or the metal stem, we agree with the recommendation of Dr. Streicher’s at Self.com to cover your toothbrush head with something a towel, or to use a toothbrush vibrator attachment. 

Scarleteen also recommends trying the non-bristled end of your electric toothbrush for fun. But you’ll realize quickly that the vibration isn’t very satisfying on that end, which is the reason why we really recommend getting one of these body safe and ultra-discreet toothbrush massager heads. You’ll always have it with you and no one would guess it’s your sex toy! 

Our 100% body-safe toothbrush vibrator attachments, Allore (internal/external use), Okamei (internal/external use) and Ceola (external use), attach seamlessly to most electric Sonicare and Oral-B toothbrushes so you never have to worry about these dirty details.

Here’s Why you Should Masturbate with your Reusable Toothbrush

Tracie Egan Morrissey at Jezebel writes, “The first time I ever turned on my electric toothbrush I had an almost Pavlovian response to that familiar buzzing sound, and my vagina began to drool…”

Your electric toothbrush is a natural choice for a vibrator, and as Self.com puts it, it’s “practically begging to be used.” Why? Well, where should we begin?

  1. Cheap. Using a electric toothbrush to masturbate safely using our tips costs next to nothing. If you want to take it to the next level with easy Oral-B or Sonicare vibrator attachments that won’t break the bank (we’re looking at you, $1.3 million vibrator), it’s much more cost-effective than a traditional vibrator or dildo.
  2. Convenient. You already own the motor–you’re halfway there! Add an attachment for external and/or internal pleasure and you’re good to go. With a electric toothbrush in hand, you don’t have to pay more for substandard products. Plus, it’s eco-friendly–no batteries needed, no more controversial mineral extraction, no extra waste.
  3. Discreet. No one will ever cast sideways glances at your electric toothbrush vibrator, whether in your bedroom or the airport security line. As Pink News confirms, these inconspicuous sex toys make for stress-free storage, transport and travel from the night table to your destination, making accidental vibe discoveries a thing of the past.
  4. Super-effective. If Tracie Egan Morrissey’s experience holds, 2-for-1 toothbrush vibrators get the job done! Erosscia’s attachments stand out–they’ve been shown to have 3x the vibration power of standard sex toys. (Earth-shaking? We certainly think so.)

Tips for Having a Great Orgasm with your Toothbrush

Ever dreamed about Oral-B or Sonicare masturbation? Salivate at the thought of an undetectable personal massager? Don’t have access to a sex toy store and want to take a crack at this popular DIY vibrator? Look no further–electric toothbrushes are a great way to experiment.

Always remember that different bodies are going to enjoy different things, and there is no wrong way to masturbate. That being said, there are lots of right ways to masturbate. Here are just a few possibilities.

Good, good vibrations

Hold the toothbrush body horizontally against your genitals to put pressure on and stimulate the sensitive tissues of your vagina while you use the toothbrush head or vibrator attachment, like Ceola, against your clitoris, and rock back and forth.

One fell swoop

Using a vibrator attachment like Allore to hit your G-spot, use the upper part of the vibrating toothbrush body to stimulate the nerve endings at your vaginal opening. You can try putting pressure on the front of your vaginal walls or involve the perineum (space between your vagina and anus).

If you’re really savvy, you can check out these tips for DIY-ing your very own toothbrush vibrator attachment.

Or, you can put together your own Oral-B or Sonicare vibrator with just a little help from us! Erosscia’s playful yet elegant Allore, Ceola and Okamei attachments produce powerful vibrations at 3x the normal rate, are designed to attach seamlessly to the handle of most electric toothbrushes, and result in radiating, toe-curling orgasms that feel so good, you’ll fall asleep forgetting to actually brush your teeth.


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Could You Be Next? Join Our Monthly Newsletter Giveaway!
Every month, one lucky subscriber will win one of our bundles!
Subscribing to our newsletter not only gives you a chance to win, but also ensures you're always in the know about our latest blogs & promotions.