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Erosscia Luxury Vibrator - Orgasmic Sex Toy For Intense Female Masturbation


It all started when...

Erosscia was born out the embarrassment of having one too many suitcase inspections where our toys were on full display at the airport. Born from the frustration of batteries that ran low or gave out mid-climax. From the awkwardness of inadvertently leaving the vibrator on the nightstand to have our kid asking about it - You probably know what we’re talking about here, don’t you?

The cheap feel and industrial nature of many sex toys was a turn-off, not a turn-on, and didn’t resonate with our idea of what a pleasure product should be. So we set out to create an affordable, elegantly discreet and portable lifestyle product offering mind-blowing erotic sensations.

From many experiments that created more mess all than product, Soixante9 Development Group Inc was launched bringing creative, fun, innovative personal massager using medical-grade, health-conscious materials exceeding the standards you demand for your body.

From concept to design and execution, the ultimate goal – guided and confirmed by intimate focus groups – was to ensure products that go far beyond consumer expectations. The result is an unprecedented product that brings toe-curling orgasmic pleasure.

Enjoy Erosscia! We look forward to meeting you and hearing how you redefined pleasure.

Genoa & Steffan

What makes Erosscia so unique…

We all fall for its luxury & discreet design…

Erosscia has been designed by women for women. Innovative high-class vibrator, Erosscia’s non-phallic shape paired with its luxury body-safe material has been elected most innovative sex toys of 2018 by Allure Magazine!

Some luxury sex toys can extremely expensive, indeed, not anyone can afford a $200 vibe. $49.95 is enough to get your first Erosscia, which is one of the best vibrators under $50 that you can find on the market today.

A promise of blissful & intense orgasms

Erosscia luxury sex toy will fit your form perfectly to maximise the stimulation from its strong vibrations. Using your Oral B or Sonicare toothbrush as motor and handle, its powerful and fast vibrations will give you a ticklish and extremely exciting sensation that’ll trigger THE orgasm of your dreams!

Erosscia personal massager offers 3X the vibrations of a regular vibrator creating intense orgasmic sensations with none of the hassles. Learn more about how the Erosscia personal massager works.

Erosscia respects your body

Erosscia is committed to advancing sexual freedom by providing safe, affordable and social acceptable sex toys that elevate the image of our industry. We want you to create your own playful sexual expression.

Beyond playful we want you to be safe, since we put your wellbeing first. Erosscia is one of the safest sex toys on the market today! The high-class vibrator has been constructed to meet FDA Class II standards as a device for obstetrical and gynecological therapeutic use. You can use Erosscia personal massager wherever you want, including contact with mucus membranes. Learn how to take care of your personal massager.

Women’s favorite travel buddy

Have you ever travelled with a sex toy? What an embarrassment when you get caught with your vibrator in full display inside your bag! Kind of a DIY homemade sex toys, assimilated as an Oral B or Sonicare compatible head, Erosscia is extremely discreet. Do you know that some countries have banned personal massagers and that being caught with one can seriously put you in dire straits?
Learn more with the Pleasure Pod.

It is eco-friendly

Have you ever heard of homemade vibrator? Well, Erosscia is basically working like an Oral B or Sonicare compatible head. Since it only requires you rechargeable toothbrush for its motor, Erosscia is totally rechargeable and doesn’t require any batteries, which is very good for the environment.

Should we talk about the frustrating feeling when your favorite vibe run out of battery mid-climax? This shouldn't happen with Erosscia as most of us leave our toothbrush on its chargeur all day long, and electric toothbrush tells you when they’ll run out of battery.

Erosscia works for its community

Extremely easy to use, Erosscia has been designed to be accessible to anyone, including individuals challenged with sexual satisfaction and expression like those suffering form such disabling conditions like MS and cancer.

Moreover, we’re also committed to giving back and support our communities. Beyond our work to help people with disabilities, we contribute to support sexual expression and freedom. Soixante9 donates 6% of pretax profit to support these non-profit causes.

These non-profit organizations are:

  • 28 Of Too Many, a registered charity that aims to end FGM in the countries in Africa.
  • The Trevor Project, which provids crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.
  • Cervivor, that brings cervical cancer survivors together and helps to spread awareness, education, support and more.

Soixante9 is also committed to sex education and supporting the education and treatment of Anorgasmia and other orgasmic disorders. In many cases, those who have never achieved orgasmare looking for discrete, to the elderly, whose illnesses such as multiple sclerosis pose a physical challenges; now Erosscia offers that solution without the added embarrassment of shopping at a sex shop.

For all individuals who chose not to or cannot easily operate the designs on the market presently, Erosscia appeals to such diverse audiences in new and inspiring ways. Long term our ambition is to be one of only two FDA and clinically approved device for treatment of Anorgasmia.



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