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15 Fun Facts About Rabbit Vibrators For The Year Of The Rabbit 

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With 2023 upon us, the Chinese New Year also approaches. This year is the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac and that reminds us of only one thing: rabbit vibrators! As one of the most popular vibrators on the market, the rabbit has become a household name and a staple of the nightstand drawer. To celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, let’s take a look at 15 fun facts about rabbit vibrators. 

#1: Sex and the City Popularized Rabbit Vibrators 

In 1998, the HBO show Sex and the City wanted to make a sex toy a significant plot point in an episode. The show–considered one of the most influential and highest-rated HBO shows of all time–featured women’s sexuality at the forefront of its storylines. Thus, when exploring the world of sex toys, the rabbit vibrator was chosen to be featured in the script. 

Following the episode titled “The Tortoise and the Hare,” the rabbit vibrator became a cultural icon and a staple in a woman’s bedroom. In the next few years, more companies began creating rabbit-style vibrators, and thus the vibrator was thrust into cultural relevance. 

#2: Created In Japan To Skirt Obscenity Laws 

The story behind the rabbit’s creation is a unique one. Japan has obscenity laws that ban the depiction of genitalia and require adequate censorship of the genitals. This limited the sale of sex toys, especially ones designed to look like realistic, veiny penises.  

To get around this, Vibratex created a vibrator that played with the idea of creating a “cute” vibrator based around an animal. Eventually, they landed on the rabbit and created the first iteration of the rabbit vibrator we all know and love today. Since the new vibrator did not resemble a penis in a realistic sense and had a cute factor, it allowed Vibratex to get around Japan’s obscenity laws. 

sexy woman in black dress and lingerie rabbit ears Erosscia Okamei is the best rabbit vibrator for the g spot and clitoral stimulation, It is one of the best sex toys for women and turns your electric toothbrush into the best vibrator for a woman’s orgasm and the top adult toy for creating intense orgasmic pleasure. Erosscia is pleasure reimagined.

#3: A Seattle Sex Shop Introduced The Bunny Themed Sex Toys To The US 

Technically, the rabbit vibrator was available in the US before famous Seattle sex shop Babeland began selling it in their store. However, when they opened another store in New York City a few years later, this only further spread the rabbit vibrator’s influence. Without the wide use of the internet and buying online, it was difficult to find–or even know about–the rabbit. Therefore, Babeland was vital to bringing the rabbit vibrator to the United States and helping popularize it worldwide. 

#4: Rabbit Vibrators Are Not Only For The Vagina 

Initially, the rabbit vibrator was conceptualized as a sex toy for women. The larger shaft is meant for insertion into the vagina while the smaller “rabbit ears” stimulate the clitoris. Though, most modern versions of the rabbit vibrator have retired the rabbit ears on the end of the external piece, it still works as a clit vibrator and vaguely resembles a rabbit. 

Today’s rabbit vibrators have also become more versatile. While you technically could have used the original rabbit for anal stimulation, it was not ideal for doing so. Now, many rabbit vibrators are safe for and designed for both vaginal and anal stimulation. There are even some versions of the rabbit that include an additional piece for anal insertion. 

Erosscia’s version of the rabbit vibrator, Okamei, is one such example. Okamei is made of body safeErosscia Okamei Amethyst Purple, black, white, Rabbit vibrator, rabbit sex toy, best rabbit vibrator, g spot, clitoral stimulation, best sex toys for women, turns your electric toothbrush into the best vibrator for a woman’s orgasm, the adult toy for creating intense orgasmic pleasure, Erosscia is Pleasure reimagined silicone, includes the same subtle curve the of the original rabbit design, and is longer and less girthy than other vibrators. It is also completely detachable from the base of your electric toothbrush so it can be thoroughly cleaned. This makes it ideal for both vaginal and anal insertion. 

#5: One Of The First Toys To Embrace Penetration & The Clit 

As previously mentioned, the rabbit vibrator consists of two components: an internal one meant for the vagina and an external one for the clitoris. Before the rabbit, few toys took such an approach. You could find toys only for penetration or toys only for clitoris stimulation, but not one that would satisfy both. The rabbit vibrator changed that. 

Additionally, as it became better understood that most women will not orgasm from penetration alone, the rabbit only gained popular for its ease of use and cute appearance. 

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#6: The Original Rabbit Came With Rotating Pearls 

If you take a look at the original rabbit vibrator, you may notice a clear panel with pearls on the base of the internal shaft. These pearls would rotate and essentially massage the inside of the vagina along with the vibration of the device on the inside and outside of the genitals. As you can probably imagine, this led to amazing orgasms. 

#7: Has Received Multiple Celebrity Endorsements 

After the success the rabbit vibrator saw on Sex and the City, the early 2000s were full of celebrities embracing the rabbit. From Eva Longoria telling SELF, that she gifts rabbits to all of her girlfriends to a stellar review from Oprah and O Magazine, the rabbit vibrator became a household name and a favorite among women and couples around the world. 

#8: The Rabbit Is The Most Popular Type Of Vibrator 

Vibrators, in general, are the most popular sex toy. This is likely due to their versatility and effectiveness for all gender identities and types of sexual relationship. However, within the vibrator category, rabbits are the most popular. It is hard to enter a sex shop or shop online for sex toys without coming across multiple types of rabbit vibrators. 

#9: COVID-19 Caused A Jump In Sales 

When COVID-19 caused nearly everyone to go out less or not at all, the sale of sex toys increased. With many forced to give up casual sex or seeing their significant other, sex became something one had to do for yourself. Though, app controlled and Bluetooth toys became popular options for still having partner sex even when you cannot be physically with one another. 

Statistics show that the sex toy industry increased 26% between 2019 and 2020, particularly during the height of the pandemic. Additionally, the forced proximity led to more sexual activities among couples. Thus, toys such as the rabbit vibrator–which can be used easily by individuals or couples–were among the most popularly purchased during this time. 

#10: More Likely To Cause Longer Orgasms 

With the dual stimulation that the rabbit vibrator provides, studies have shown that it helps women orgasm 17% longer than if they were performing manual masturbation. There is no denying that the rabbit vibrator is among the best for producing the most mind-blowing orgasm. 

#11: Perfect For Beginners 

When looking to purchase or use a sex toy for the first time, a rabbit vibrator is a good choice. They come in several different girths and lengths so you can choose your own comfort level. Beyond insertion, using a rabbit is fairly straightforward. You can even find thrusting rabbit vibrators that do most of the work for you! 

The Erosscia rabbit is thinner and sleeker than most other rabbits. It attaches to your toothbrush which allows you more control over the positioning of the vibrator. Also, the vibration of electric toothbrushes is specifically calibrated to feel pleasurable. Therefore, it is usually not too much for someone nervous about using a vibrator for the first time. 

sexy woman in white lingerie and rabbit ears chews sensually on a carrot erosscia is pleasure reimagined okamei rabbit vibrator

#12: Other Animal Themed Vibrators Exist(ed) 

When the rabbit vibrator was in development, several animals were in consideration. Other companies–both around the same time and after the rabbit’s exploding popularity–also considered animals other than the rabbit. Some got released and are still available today. A few examples include: the beaver where the external head is shaped like a beaver tail, the turtle with a more rounded shaped tickler, and the kangaroo which included a thicker external component. 

Regardless of the other animal themed vibrators and toys out there, the rabbit is the only one to create it’s own genre of vibrator. 

#13: Curved Shaft Designed Specifically For The G-Spot 

You may notice that the shaft of most rabbit vibrators is slightly curved. This allows the rabbit to quickly and easily reach your G-spot without too much manuevering on your (or your partner’s) end. This is another reason the rabbit is considered a great vibrator for beginners. It is also one of the highest rated G-spot vibrators. 

#14: More Likely To Cause A Blended Orgasm 

Blended orgasms refer to when someone with a vagina experiences two or more orgasms from different types of stimulation at the same time. Such as, when the rabbit stimulates both the vagina and clitoris, you could experience orgasms from both at the same time, or each separately. Blending orgasms are often longer and more intense than a single orgasm.

#15: The Rabbit Is Still Seeing New Innovations

Erosscia has helped innovate on the rabbit by introducing a rabbit vibrator attachment head for electric toothbrushes. This makes your rabbit easier to clean and travel with. 

Okamei: Erosscia’s Best Rabbit Vibrator 

The Okamei is one of Erosscia’s best selling single products like the rabbit vibrator itself. All of our products are completely body safe and designed for all bodies. Purchase on our website today! 

Erosscia Okamei is the best rabbit vibrator for the g spot and clitoral stimulation, It is one of the best sex toys for women and turns your electric toothbrush into the best vibrator for a woman’s orgasm and the top adult toy for creating intense orgasmic pleasure. Erosscia is pleasure reimagined.

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