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une femme assise sur une botte de foin dans un champ avec un drapeau américain célèbre sa liberté sexuelle

Célébrez votre indépendance sexuelle ce 4 juillet

As America is busily getting ready to celebrate all the unique freedoms they enjoy this July 4ème, from fireworks, parades and concerts to family gatherings and barbeques; here at Érosscia we want to encourage women globally to celebrate a unique freedom that every woman can give to herself – their sexual independence.  So what does it mean to be sexually independent?  Well, fundamentally it means that you have freed yourself from the opinions of others and you live your life according to your own sexual vibe.  It can also mean that you feel liberated enough to express yourself sexually and confidently in whatever way you want with no shame!  Feeling free to enjoy expressing yourself in whatever way feels right and celebrating your body shape and pleasure is uniquely your own sexual independence! 

Now admittedly, this is easier said than done.  Women the world over must overcome “rules” that society or cultural communities set in place for them, in order to be sexually independent.  However,   women are just as sexual as men are, but layers of social and cultural conditioning pushed their impulses underground and labelled them “taboo”.  Are you ready to shake off any layers that are hanging over you and choose to celebrate your sexuality this Independence weekend? 

Celebrate your sexual independence this July 4th erosscia is pleasure reimagined


Sexually Confident & Free

At Érosscia we believe everyone who identifies female deserves pleasure and equally that everyone has the right to playful self-expression.  We created our vibrator products so that women could be empowered to enjoy pleasure reimagined.  So this July 4ème weekend we are offering all women these 5 helpful steps to take towards your sexual independence! 

Make your pleasure your priority  

One key to sexual confidence is that you are capable of fulfilling yourself and you do not need to rely on a partner for pleasure.  Ask yourself this question: when you are with a partner do you think more about giving them pleasure instead of ensuring your pleasure is of equal importance?   Women often have difficulty in asking their partners to touch them in a certain way and it is so important for every woman to know what drives her pleasure so she can communicate freely.  

happy woman in blue background smiles as she makes her pleasure her priority erosscia is pleasure reimagined


Get in touch with your body 

Make a list of your desires, likes and dislikes. (Casual sex? Roleplaying? Where do you like to be touched?) When it’s clear to you, you can make it clear to your partner(s), too. Whether you are in a relationship or not, taking the time to get in touch with your own body and exploring your pleasure zones will empower you to feel more comfortable being touched or asking for arousal.   

Masturbate regularly 

Despite what you might have been told to believe growing up, masturbation is completely normal!  When you take your sexual pleasure into your own hands (literally!) you are moving forward into your sexual independence. People of all genders and sexual orientations masturbate. Sexual exploration is a healthy part of being human, and a very important part of cultivating self-love. There is no ideal recipe—you are perfect exactly how you are, how you touch yourself and à quelle fréquence.  Masturbation boosts your sexual confidence and helps you get in tune with your body, as well as releasing some great hormones that are so very beneficial to your mental health.  Still need convincing to masturbate regularly?  Check out our list of health benefits: 

  1. Stimulation + sexual arousal ferme la partie logique de notre cerveau, réduisant ainsi la peur et l'anxiété 
  2. L'orgasme libère des hormones de bien-être   dopamine (impliquée dans les sentiments de plaisir et le système de récompense) et ocytocine (favorise les sentiments d'amour, d'affection et de satisfaction) 
  3. During + after arousal, orgasm activates some of the same brain areas as pain and may reduce your pain sensitivity 
  4. Women’s brains continue releasing ocytocine after sexual arousal is over, resulting in a desire to get cozy and cuddle 
  5. Orgasm facilitates the release of serotonin, a hormone that promotes a good mood and can help you feel happy, calm, or even sleepy 


ecstatic african american woman in red dress shouts about getting in touch with her body erosscia is pleasure reimagined


Self-Affirm to Take a Stand Against Shame  

Did you know that 85% of women choose to opt out of life activities because they don’t feel good about the way they look?    Body shaming and public pressure to be perfect starts as early as 13 when young girls say they are unhappy with their bodies and soars to 78% by the time they reach 17.  Whether it was from our parents, our culture, and/or that horrible high school sex ed class, we realize that many people have encountered feelings of shame regarding body image, sex, and masturbation.  Say it again with us: Your sexual impulses are healthy and human. You deserve to feel safe, happy, and loved. You are entitled to healthy sexual exploration (always with consent).  Say it to your face in the mirror. Say it to your stretch marks. The next time someone wants to tell you otherwise, tell them to mind their own body’s business 😊  

happy Caucasian woman in white self affirms to take a stand against body shame erosscia is pleasure reimagined


Cultivating Self-Love and Confidence

When finding time to decompress, you may not be incentivized by the many things that require our time (think bills, career, family); therefore cultivating self-love through wellness and mindfulness are more crucial than ever.  Prenant soin de vous means prioritizing your mental, physical and emotional health. Not only does this commitment create a ripple effect in your relationships, but it will also help you get more plaisir.  We know it’s not as easy as saying, “Okay, it’s time to love myself!” Instead, prioritizing your needs is part of cultivating self-love and respect for the long term. 

When women realize that their bodies and sexualities belong exclusively to them, they achieve sexual independence and can have sex on their terms because they feel sexually confident.  At Erosscia we believe everyone has the right to playful self-expression and that we are responsible for achieving that no matter what, who or how we identify.  However you choose to redefine your pleasure this Independence Day, we celebrate your sexual freedom with you! 



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Chaque mois, un abonné chanceux remportera l'un de nos packs !
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