Rejecting The Binary With Gender Affirming Sex Toys & Tips On Supporting A Trans Partner

While some transgender and gender non-conforming people may have no issues using these sorts of toys, others can find the experience extremely dysphoric, especially when used with a partner. Additionally, for people who have undergone bottom surgery, traditional sex toys may not work for them due to increased (or decreased) sensitivity or other factors related to surgery. Yet, people in all stages of transition deserve to feel and find pleasure with toys they enjoy and which do not cause dysphoria.


A Step-By-Step Guide To Using Your Electric Toothbrush As A Sex Toy 

Wait, you can use your electric toothbrush as a sex toy? Isn’t that unhygienic? Does anyone really do that? Well, the answers are: yes, not if you do it right, and yes! Throughout history, people have used various everyday objects as sex toys. Since traditional vibrators became popular, people of all genders have enjoyed their gentle vibrations both externally and internally.

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15 hours of the best Sexual Vibes this Solstice

The northern hemisphere’s longest day of the year – Summer Solstice – is a day of bright, vibrant energy that encourages us to shake off the gloomier months and embrace the powerful fertile energy of the sun. This year, June 21st will be the north’s longest day and it is no mistake that the whole month of June celebrates love and togetherness with LGBTQIA+ Pride and the peak of the wedding season. So, get ready for some serious solar energy that will open you up to new sexual vibes, perhaps some new discoveries and even some natural body healing.

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Valentine's Day Tips Thank | Erosscia

Sexting for 6 Relationship Types that are better than a Valentine’s Day Card

We all know how overdone Valentine’s Day can become and depending on the type of relationship you are in – your message over text can be creative and hot. Need some inspiration? Erosscia has created sexting ideas for your relationship type that can dramatically improve the outcome of your Valentine’s Day this year!


The Best Way to Relieve Holiday Stress… Masturbate

‘Tis the season for sweatpants and oversized sweaters to be a totally acceptable everyday look. It’s also the season for seeing your relatives, which can be a source of alternating joy and stress for many of us. We would understand if masturbation was the last thing on your mind… yet also if it was the first. While you’re basking in the spirit, making time for self-pleasure is a very effective way to breathe, relax, and reconnect with yourself in difficult moments.

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Halloween Man and sexy woman with scary face embrace on bed. Holiday and celebration. Zombie party and horror. Halloween couple with makeup on red bedcover. Couple in love with naked body at pumpkin.

5 Sexy Tricks to up Your Freaky this Halloween

Let's be honest – Halloween was never meant to be a holiday for kids!  Originally a Celtic festival when it was believed the souls who had died that year would journey to the otherworld, our…


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