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Why do monsters make us hot erosscia reveals all the reasons women are turned on by vampires tentacle monsters and were wolves erosscia is pleasure reimagined

The Spooky, Scary, & Sexy: Why Monsters Turn Us On

The line between scared and excited is thinner than many realize. They both result in an increase in heart rate and adrenaline. Both can cause anticipatory emotions—excitement and dread—and lead to impulsive decision-making. However, the primary difference is the situations in which we feel these two emotions. For excitement, it may be ahead of a big trip or giddiness prior to an event. Scared usually comes with an undertone of terror or fear. Sometimes, it is temporary or mild, such as in the case of watching a horror movie or going on a thrilling amusement park ride. Other times, it can be more prolonged, often these are in the moments of true fear.

The in-between of these two emotions poses a titillating gray area for exploration. Everyone likes to feel excited and even a little scared. This is why humans seek out pursuits like skydiving or take risks as teenagers. However, this desire for a bit of fear mixed with excitement can also take the form of fantasy and sex.

Perhaps you found yourself weirdly attracted to Pennywise? Or, maybe the idea of fucking a vampire always turned you on? Consider Bigfoot the ultimate gay bear? Sometimes, we feel the need to keep these urges and desires a deep dark secret, but they are much more common than you may realize.


The History Of Demonstrably Hot Monsters

The twenty-first century is not the first time humans found monsters irresistibly attractive. One of the oldest speculated examples of sexy monsters dates back to Ancient Greece. The Minotaur is a half man half bull creature. However, his body is irrefutably human, with only his head having a bull-like appearance. Sequestered to the labyrinth, young men and women from Crete’s enemy, Athens, are presented to the entrance of the labyrinth each year in sacrifice. Yet, isn’t there something a bit sexy about a creature with the chiseled body of a human man pulling you into a dark place to do god-knows-what to you?

Many early sexy monsters served as dirty fantasies for women and words of caution to men. The monsters—whether it be Dracula, a giant, or something else—would steal away the women in the dead of night, never to be seen again. Perpetuating a man’s fear of exogamy and indulging a woman’s escapist fantasy.

In more recent history, stories like Beauty & the Beast, Frankenstein, and Twilight all perpetuate subtle (or not-so-subtle) elements of hot monsters and supernatural erotica. With the advent of the internet, monster related erotica and fantasies have become more accessible and more widely acknowledged than ever before.


iron bull monster selects his prey as a beautiful naked women dressed only in a leather jacket walks in front of him erosscia is pleasure reimagined


In Modern Times

Today, sexy monsters are becoming more mainstream. From vampires and werewolves in the Twilight series to Reddit forums about wanting to be railed by Bigfoot, monster erotica and fantasy is still very much alive. When delving into creative circles online, it is not difficult to find erotic monster stories or art. Increasingly made for all genders and sexualities, it features classic monsters such as werewolves, witches, vampires, and demons. However, you will also find specific monsters like Pennywise or Krampus. You can even find some erotic monster fiction on store shelves such as titles like Gator Got Her, Bigfoot Claims His Mate, and Hammered by the Hydra. Check out this Goodreads shelf of the top monster erotica.

The world of animation has also opened up the opportunity to create and consume monster porn. Tentacle porn—largely associated with hentai—usually features a multi-tentacled monster and a naked woman. Even kid-friendly stories such as Beauty & the Beast opens itself up to the world of porn.



The Psychology Behind Spooky Erotica

The psychology behind why we find monsters so sexy is vast and surprisingly widely researched. In some cases, such as with vampires, the creatures take on a mostly—if not completely—human form. Even for the more traditional creatures seen in erotica, many have near-human elements. However, it has been noted that there is a tie between the sexual attraction to monsters and to animals.

Bigfoot, Pennywise, werewolves (most of the time), and mermaids all have notable human features or elements that make them foreign, but not too much. A perfect combination for sexual fantasies. Even for monsters that look less human, the mind often assigns human elements and desires, such as sexual attraction and want.

The psychology behind why monsters turn us on goes far beyond the physical attributes of the monsters themselves. Unlike many paraphilias, monsters are more associated with female sexual fantasies than male fantasies. One researcher explains why,

“Monsters, notably, do not marry. Nor do they demand monogamy or that a woman give up her career for the sake of childrearing. They don’t care if the object of their affections is a virgin or if she is sexually experienced. While they are certainly dangerous, there are even teratophiliac genres that focus specifically on violation and abuse, they don’t pose the same existential danger that a human male partner does.” (Anzaldua)

Monsters take away many of the traditional expectations placed on women throughout history, such as staying a virgin until marriage. However, they also offer a sort of danger that women understand, and to an extent can control. Whereas, human men are harder to understand and a constant threat to women and their livelihoods.

naked woman stands in labyrinth anxiously waiting for the monster in the shadows who desires her

Kink vs. Paraphilia

The sexual attraction to monsters is considered a paraphilia versus a kink. Of course, there are elements of kink that cross over to monster eroticism. So, why is it considered a paraphilia? What is a paraphilia?

A paraphilia is defined as “a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities.” While technically “abnormal”, simply having a paraphilia does not make someone sexually deviant. Though, paraphilic disorders do exist which can lead someone to harm themselves or others. In the case of teratophilia—the sexual attraction to monsters—most of the fantasizing is done through writing and art. A perfectly harmless pursuit.

A kink is defined as “a person’s unusual sexual preference.” These sexual preferences are also often able to be acted upon during sex such as being tied up, roleplaying, or consensual hitting. Paraphilias are not as easy—or may be impossible—to act during the physical act of sex.

If you have a thing for monsters, don’t worry, you’re not weird. While paraphilic disorders are weird, paraphilic fantasies are very common.



Monster Fantasies For Men

While women seem to have the most fun with monsters, men are not immune to the wiles of teratophilia. Sirens from Greek mythology, mermaids, and hot succubus women are all examples of monster fantasies men have enjoyed throughout history. In contrast to why women enjoy monster eroticism, men tend to simply find monsters sexually intriguing. Monster erotica normally does not serve as a form of escapism for straight cisgender men.

Monster Sex Toys

Believe it or not, you can buy monster-themed sex toys to fulfill all of your fantasies. Some of the highlights include knotted werewolf dildoes, twisted together sea monster dildoes, and furry fleshlights. For less adventurous folk who still want to try bringing some monster porn to life, glow-in-the-dark condoms and lingerie can help too.

The one drawback is that these specialty toys and accessories can come with a hefty price tag because they are often handmade or made to order. Luckily, any DIY vibrator, homemade dildo or sex toy can become a monster-inspired sex toy with minor customization or imagination.

Here are a few quick and dirty ways to turn your Erosscia vibrator into a monster sex toy:

  • Place a glow-in-the-dark condom over top of your Erosscia vibrator and turn off the lights
  • Combine your vibrator fun with some erotic monster audio
  • Wrap something furry, scaly, or other creature texture around the toothbrush and/or base of the vibrator
  • Chill or warm it before sex
  • Play while reading your favorite monster erotica
  • Give it to a costumed partner


Have Your Monsters (And Let Them Eat You Too)

Monsters turn us on for so many reasons. Escapist fantasies, to taste the dangerous without being in danger, and because—simply—they are hot. There is nothing wrong with embracing our fantasies with sex toys, erotic fiction, NSFW audio, and art. This time of year more people choose to embrace the fantasies they may otherwise keep a secret. At Erosscia, we encourage everyone to explore their sexual fantasies in a fun and safe way whether with a partner or going solo.

Erosscia toothbrush attachments turn your everyday electric toothbrush into a luxury vibrator. Designed for giving the best women’s orgasms, Erosscia vibrators are non-phallic, slightly curved, and not too big or small. This makes them perfect for all kinds of play. Additionally, they are completely body safe and can be inserted into the anus and mouth as well. While designed with women in mind, the Erosscia vibrator can help anyone tickle their erogenous zones or reach the toe-curling orgasm they crave.

Explore our toothbrush vibrator attachments in our online shop. From the standard dildo to the lauded rabbit vibrator, there is something to satisfy everyone. Consider using your Erosscia vibrator this Halloween to live out your (and your partner’s) spookiest fantasies. Purchase from our online shop and learn more about our body-safe silicone dildoes.

Finally, listen now to a uniquely created erotic audio for Erosscia.  An erotic ghost has trapped her prey in a haunted mansion, she commands him to undress …


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Every month, one lucky subscriber will win one of our bundles!
Subscribing to our newsletter not only gives you a chance to win, but also ensures you're always in the know about our latest blogs & promotions.