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15 hours of the best Sexual Vibes this Solstice

The northern hemisphere’s longest day of the year – Summer Solstice – is a day of bright, vibrant energy that encourages us to shake off the gloomier months and embrace the powerful fertile energy of the sun. This year, June 21st will be the north’s longest day and it is no mistake that the whole month of June celebrates love and togetherness with LGBTQIA+ Pride and the peak of the wedding season.  So, get ready for some serious solar energy that will open you up to new sexual vibes, perhaps some new discoveries and even some natural body healing. 

Midsummer Madness – get ready to heat things up! 

Summer Solstice marks the beginning of summer days – which Scientists have long confirmed are the sexiest days.  All that increased Vitamin D, boosts libido and reduces depression, so it’s no wonder more people have sexier Summers. After all no-one ever said they wanted a winter fling? (but check out the end of this article for Winter Solstice sexual vibes). Around the world Summer Solstice has deeply sensual connotations as the most powerfully potent day of the year if you are ready to heat things up sexually.  Just being outside frees us to experience erotic attraction, adventure and primal desire.  Whether it’s under the stars or on the beach – sex outdoors is hot. Let all 5 senses enjoy the experience of being outdoors, freeing you to some blissful orgasms if you are creative but smart about where you choose to have sex, so you don’t get busted. 


15 hours of sexual energy and healing?   

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if along with having an orgasm you could also experience sexual and general body healing?  Summer Solstice celebrates the uniquely fertile relationship between sun and nature – and just as the sap rises in flowers so does libido rise in humans. But sexual energy goes beyond pleasure, it behaves like a power source to rejuvenate the body and light up the chakras.  New studies in integrative medicine have pointed to the existence of actual energy circuits in the body, and other researchers point to the fact that the body and its systems are all vibrational in nature. It seems then only a natural step to design sex toys to interact with the frequencies of the body’s systems during touch, so at Erosscia we have done just that by combine intense pleasure with overall sexual ease and healing. 

Our AlloreCeola or Okamei vibrators work by attaching to your Sonicare® or Oral-B® electric toothbrush. Using a Sonicare toothbrush gives you extra energy as it vibrates at the same frequency as your root chakra. The root chakra is associated with groundedness and safety. A healthy root chakra provides the foundation for healthy exploration of self-gratification.  Using an Erosscia vibrator to create balance in the root chakra could help to facilitate these feelings of safety during sexual experiences and orgasm, easing difficulties related to fear or discomfort. There is undoubtedly also benefit for the whole body’s sense of wellbeing. 

Erosscia as an intimate massager has other important features too, that help to make sexual experiences more relaxed and pleasurable, whether it is being used as a couple’s sex toy, or purely for masturbation.  With science now pointing to a measurable foundation of the belief in chakras and meridian systems, the existence of energy systems in the body deserves far more recognition. Here at Erosscia we recognize these energy systems and the vital role that they can play in your sexual health and health in general.  

Summer Solstice — the longest day for new discoveries

Summer Solstice is celebrated by many different cultures, from Greece, Sweeden and China to Stonehenge and New York City.  Wherever you are, the rituals of summer solstice are timeless, with the common theme of reflecting on personal growth, cleansing and self-expression.  Bonfires, flowers and herbs, dancing and Midsummer resolutions are all symbolic of light and renewal and appear in Summer Solstice parties and celebrations the world over.  Given Solstice is all about a fresh new start in the middle of the year, give some thought to what you want to discover this summer – be it something new to learn or experience.  Solstice is the perfect time for couples and singles alike to create a summer bucket list and harness the sun’s energy to bring that list to life. 

Longest day for some, shortest day for others 

So, what happens if you don’t live in the northern hemisphere?   For those of you who live in Peru, South Africa, Chile or New Zealand, you will experience the complete reverse – Winter Solstice.  The good news is that you can still get hot and heavy during the Winter Solstice so get ready for the shortest day and the longest night of your year.  

This means that while the northern hemisphere is busy turning their sensual focus into celebrating all the sun’s energy, you get to enjoy an extra-long night spent in bed with your partner or your favorite sex toy.  All the extra darkness of your winter celebration means on June 21st you can get a little steamy and create your own sexual heat with massage candles, warming lube and blankets.  Just like Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice traditionally involves self-discovery so what better time to discover or re-discover your erotic type – which can be energetic, kinky, sexual, sensual, or shapeshifter. 

Here’s some inspiration for keeping the winter solstice sexy: 

  • Connect with your partner (or your genitals!) when you come in from the cold to a warm fireplace.  Leave the dark outside and light up your sexual energy going from icy cold to steamy hot. 
  • Wear clothing that gives you that cuddly feeling [so] you can touch yourself all solstice long – especially as its darker than usual, give yourself permission to be more sensual. 
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself to do any of it – just be open and see what happens, Solstice is all about personal discovery and new beginnings – so go with your flow. 

However you choose to celebrate Winter Solstice you get to take longer than usual to figure out what stimulates you.   Why not welcome AlloreCeola or Okamei into your solstice sex life? Both vibrators attach to your electric toothbrush. There’s no other sex toy this energizing that still makes you see 3x the firecrackers.   


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Could You Be Next? Join Our Monthly Newsletter Giveaway!
Every month, one lucky subscriber will win one of our bundles!
Subscribing to our newsletter not only gives you a chance to win, but also ensures you're always in the know about our latest blogs & promotions.