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sexy couple on a fall porch swing discover their fall disclosure as their sex drive gets a boost erosscia is pleasure reimainged

Fall Disclosure: #PSL Adds Awesome to Your Sex Drive

It’ s Pumpkin Spice Everything Season again 

The seasonal spice storm has been encouraging us to enjoy pumpkin spice in our coffee, tea, ice cream, bread, popcorn, sparkling water and yes – even in dog foodand you haven’t headed to the pumpkin patch yet. 

#PSL is now a $600m annual trend that only keeps growing and this year the pandemic has triggered PSL scented hand sanitizers, but are we surprised?  Nope, not in the least.

Always on the lookout to add to your playful self-expression, the Erosscia team has uncovered some sexy reasons why you should add #PSL to spice up your sex life!   

After all, if our Ancestors used pumpkins to treat low libido, we should all probably look at PSL in a whole new way 😈

Research showpumpkin flesh is pumped full of antioxidants and the seeds are packed with zinc, all of which combined keeps you young, energized and boosts blood flow to your sexual organs.  

Even better news for anyone excited about pleasurable sensations is that there are tremendous erotic benefits to be had from the collection of natural spices that go perfectly together to create Pumpkin Spice.    

Get ready to experiment with some extra spiciness in the bedroom!  


When you add cloves into food you are rewarded with a slightly sweet spice that can increase energy, blood flow and body temperature.  

Other claimed benefits of cloves are stress relief while also stimulating nerves  that trigger arousal and sexual performance.  

The warming properties of cloves also elevate testosterone levels which boost both male and female sex drives.  

For maximum effect, Erosscia recommends adding some cloves to a seasonal meat dish like chili or casseroles.   If you use chai masala, garam masala and Chinese five spice powder – guess what – you are already using cloves.  

We think those 3 spice combinations conjure up sexy and erotic.  After all how is a chai rum cocktail in Bali not sexy?

Cloves also bring new life to deserts such as poached pears in red wine or butter cookies Just remember to fish out all the whole cloves before serving as biting into a clove is the furthest thing from sensual 😝



Ginger – similar to cloves — increases blood flow all over your body yet there is one big difference – ginger increases blood flow to the genitals.  Over the centuries, ancient Asian cultures have used ginger as an aphrodisiac and the Kama Sutra suggests ginger as an effective spice for arousing sexual energy.   

Today, doctors still recommend ginger as one of the best natural libido boosters.  

Need ideas to increase your ginger consumption?  

Enjoy some pickled ginger with your sushi.  Ginger tea – steeping fresh ginger slices in hot water – is another way.  It’s never the wrong time of year to enjoy a Moscow Mule or your favorite mule made with ginger beer.  

This time of year seasonal baked goods include ginger cookies, gingerbread and not least pumpkin pie.  Many of your favorite Asian dishes include ginger and consider adding a pinch of dried ginger into your morning oatmeal and enjoy the same sensual benefits our ancestors discovered.   



Named the Aromatic Aphrodisiac, studies show that just simply diffusing cinnamon essential oil can set the mood for an orgasmic experience by releasing dopamine in the brain helping to generate happiness and feelings of intimacy.  

We aren’t talking about the #CinnamonChallenge here as that’s not sexy.  

In measured amounts, cinnamon is recommended for men to alleviate impotence and erectile dysfunction.  

For women, cinnamon raises progesterone levels and cinnamaldehyde – the compound that produces cinnamon’s scent – causes spikes in female libido.  

Cinnamon also burns extra sugar – helping our libido by reducing fatigue. Yet the most tantalizing possibility for cinnamon is its quick effect on the body, making bedside food part of foreplay.  

Erosscia recommends cinnamon buns for a daytime libido boost, and in the evening get up close and naked with a cinnamon infused cocktail and some cinnamon dusted popcorn. 



Fun Fact  😀  In Africa, nutmeg is considered by many to be the Viagra for women.  

Its historical magical properties have been used by both men and women for centuries as a libido booster, and it’s a warm, sensual, exotic spice that can be used in a variety of food and beverages.  Its effectiveness has caused it to be banned in Saudi Arabia as it has a centuries-old reputation as a narcotic!  

While modern science still disagrees on the effects of nutmeg on the brain’s chemistry, there is no disagreement that a little nutmeg can spice things up with no harmful effects whatsoever.  

Sprinkle some on your oatmeal or hot chocolate, enjoy some in your eggnog or bourbon punch and in your pumpkin pie. 



While Vanilla Sex isn’t our choice for being sexy and playfulvanilla is sexy!

We often combine it with many of the spices we’ve mentioned already yet on its own its exotic nature makes it an aphrodisiac.  

In the 1700s vanilla was recommended by alchemists and physicians to be drunk as a tincture to ensure male potency.  

Several modern studies have confirmed that vanilla as a scent does in fact increase male arousal. 

couple on a sensual walk in the falling leaves are falling in love with each other erosscia is pleasure reimagined

We haven’t even mentioned some other spices like Cardamom or Allspice that are part of many Pumpkin Spice Everything flavors.  

So, try some of these out yourself and see what makeyour playful expression even spicier.  With all these spicy insights you should have everything you need for some fabulous Fall orgasms.   

As all of the PSL elements take a little time to react in your body, you have the perfect opportunity to set up a sensual scene and pull out your favorite Erossica attachment for maximum arousal.   

If you need more inspiration on how to turn the heat up this Fall check out our recent blog for 5 great ways to spice up your Fall.  Hopefully “Pumpkin spice and all things nice” now has a whole new range of pleasurable options for you this Fall! 


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Subscribing to our newsletter not only gives you a chance to win, but also ensures you're always in the know about our latest blogs & promotions.